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50+ FREE Printable Scavenger Hunts for Kids

A list of more than 50 free printable scavenger hunts for kids that can be used all year long — great activities for indoor & outdoor fun!

I love a good scavenger hunt for kids!! You might think it’s because scavenger hunts can be a great learning opportunity which is true.  Kids hone their observations skills, learn to work as a team, practice their reading skills and more.

But here’s my little secret …

I really love scavenger hunts because they are an awesome independent activity for kids!

Ahh…independent activities.

Which means I get a few minutes without hearing “Mom, Mom, Mom..”  🙂

50+ FREE Printable Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids with pdf

For kids too young to read, you can find some great picture scavenger hunts.

And kids who are readers not only practice their reading skills but also make great leaders for younger sibs as they do a hunt together.

Adults can offer minimal help — for example, during dinner prep, read the items on the list while kids run around the house to find them. Plus scavenger hunts are great for holiday gatherings, birthday parties or just as a fun family activity on the weekend or a walk home from school!

Here’s a round-up of spectacular scavenger hunts for kids with monthly themes – more than 50 in all for year-round fun!   We’ve included affiliate links for a few scavenger hunt items we love too!

One great thing that’s always good to have on hand is a sturdy 9 x 12″ Clipboard and pencil — it makes it SO much easier for kids to keep track of the paper and check off items!

Some of the hunts are the traditional print-and-go type hunts while others are more unique — every one of them is a great adventure 🙂  Have fun!!

January: Winter Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Outdoor Winter Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Snow Day Scavenger Hunt | Fun Loving Families

Winter Nature Photo Hunt | Go Explore Nature

Animal Tracks Hunt | Edventures with Kids

February: Indoor Printable Scavenger Hunts

Indoor Scavenger Hunt (with a math twist!) | Edventures with Kids

Valentine Scavenger Hunt  | Edventures with Kids

ABC Scavenger Hunt (you can do 5 different ways!!) | Edventures with Kids

Indoor Scavenger Hunt (this one’s perfect for tweens/teens) | Fantasy Jr.

Rainy Day Scavenger Hunt | Momdot

March: Spring Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Early Spring Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Outdoor Spring Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Rainbow Photo Scavenger Hunt | Feels Like Home

St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Outdoor Sensory Motor Scavenger Hunt | The Inspired Treehouse

If you’re looking for fun items to add to an Easter basket, younger kids will enjoy this Scavenger Hunt Card Game and older kids will love this book The Pocket Scavenger.

free printable indoor and outdoor scavenger hunt ideas for kids

April: Outdoor Printable Scavenger Hunts

Backyard Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (works in any house!) | Edventures with Kids

Plus 12 Indoor & Outdoor Easter Egg Hunts too!

Playground Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

May: Learning Scavenger Hunts for Kids

ABC Architecture Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Outdoor Listening Hunt | Teach Preschool

Nature & Hiking Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Color Hunt (can be used inside or outside) | Coffee Cups & Crayons

Plus 40 Outdoor Scavenger Hunts too!

June: Nature Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

Zoo Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Nature Texture Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt | 733 Blog

Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt | The Scrap Shoppe

Camping Scavenger Hunt | Mom Running On

If you have kids who are always saying “I’m bored!” during the summer, then try this NOT boring Treasure Hunt Game  to keep them busy & entertained!

More for You: 20 Summer Scavenger Hunts 

July: Summer Scavenger Hunt Lists

July 4th Red, White & Blue Scavenger Hunt for Kids, Tweens & Teens | Edventures with Kids

Beach Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Under the Sea (Ocean) Scavenger Hunt (psst…you can do this online!) | Edventures with Kids

July 4th Scavenger Hunt | Moritz Fine Designs

License Plate Scavenger Hunt (great for road trips!) | Edventures with Kids

If you’ll be taking a road trip this summer, try this set of 15 Printable Road Trip Activities & Travel Games too!

August: Treasure Hunts with Clues

Nighttime Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Garden Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Insect Scavenger Hunt | Sparkle Box

Photo Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

September: Autumn & Fall Printable Scavenger Hunts

Fall Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Hiking Scavenger Hunt | Make & Takes

Fall Leaf Hunt with printable cards | Edventures with Kids

School Shopping Scavenger Hunt | B-inspired Mama

Seasonal scavenger hunts for kids for winter, spring, fall and summer!

October: Halloween Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Halloween Scavenger Hunt with word clues | Edventures with Kids

Halloween Scavenger Hunt for Kids with picture clues!

Autumn Scavenger Hunt | Chalkboards & Strollers

Pumpkin Patch Scavenger Hunt | Real Life at Home

Plus these:  18 Awesome Autumn Scavenger Hunts

November: Thanksgiving & Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Thanksgiving Day Parade Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt | Let’s Get Together

Thanksgiving Reading Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Turkey Feather Hunt | No Time for Flashcards

Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt | It’s a Mom’s World

And if the family will be gathering, this Family Scavenger Hunt pack is a great holiday activity!

December: Holiday Scavenger Hunts for Kids & Families

Christmas Decorations Scavenger Hunt (can be done inside or outdoors!)

Holiday Lights Scavenger Hunt | Not Consumed

Christmas Geography Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt for Kids | Buggy & Buddy

Gingerbread Man Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

And this Christmas Scavenger Hunt Game is a great one to add to your holiday fun list!

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Scavenger Hunts for Kids - Free printable Indoor & Outdoor hunts with list and clues!