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12 Easy Science Experiments to Do at Home

Enjoy these fun and easy science experiments that kids can do at home using items you have around the house!

When you’re home with kids for an extended period, it’s time to get creative!

One thing that really engages kids of all ages are fun science activities (like our How Does a Leaf Breathe? plant experiment) — and we’ve got a great list of simple experiments that are easy to do and have some AWESOME results!


Easy science experiments for kids

12 Simple Science Experiments to do at Home

There’s nothing like a little science to get kids thinking and asking questions!  And it doesn’t have to be anything complicated at all — in fact, our philosophy is simple is better.  This collection of science activities uses items you’ll have around the house!  We’ve included links to the details for each experiment along with affiliate links to a few of our favorite at home science items too!

Whether you have 5 minutes or the whole afternoon, kids of all ages will enjoy exploring chemistry, biology and physics with these fun hands-on science ideas!


Easy Indoor and Outdoor Science Experiments


Science experiments to do at home

Experiment #1: The Science of Sound Waves

Of all the science activities we’ve done over the years, this has been the one that impressed us the most!  See how a piece of yarn or string can turn a kitchen spoon into a gong!


Experiment #2: How to Blow Up a Balloon with Baking Soda

Using simple chemistry, this project shows kids that you can blow up a balloon without using the air from your lungs.  Use items from around the house to create CO2 in a bottle and blow up a balloon!

Bonus Experiment: The experiment also shows you how to blow out a candle without using your breath!


simple science experiments for kids

Experiment #3: The Acid Test for Rocks

I’m sure your kids have picked up a rock and asked “what type of rock is this?”  Grab a few rocks and test to see if you have any limestone, a sedimentary rock, using this super easy experiment!  If you have a rock hound in the house, be sure to check out this Rock/Mineral Science Kit for more rock science you can do at home!


At home science experiments

Experiment #4: Classic “Does It Sink or Float?” Science Activity

A classic science activity especially for preschool and elementary ages — kids can see what types of food sink or float with this favorite experiment!  BONUS:  a free science printable is also included!  This is also one of our 20 Backyard Science Experiments too.


Experiment #5: Flower Dissection Lab

Learn about the parts of a flower and how pollination works with this hands-on science activity that can be done using almost any type of flower from your yard, garden or even freshly cut flowers you might have in the house.


Cool science experiments to do at home

Experiment #6: How to Bend a Pencil Without Breaking It

Part science, part magic – this activity is sure to get kids thinking.  All you need is a jar, some water and a pencil!  BONUS: You’ll also find details for a second experiment on light refraction using water and a flashlight.


Experiment #7: Can you Dye Brown Eggs?

One April, I headed to the grocery store to buy eggs to dye for Easter.  But there were only brown eggs left on the shelf — which is how this easy and impromptu science idea came about 😉


kids science experiments

Experiment #8: Popcorn & the Science of Physical Change

Kids LOVE this activity because you can eat the results 😉  Grab some popcorn kernals and learn about the science of physical changes.  This experiment also has some cool math concepts that go with it too!


Experiment #9: DIY Wizard Alchemy Lab

Got kids who love mixing and experimenting?  See if you can create a chemical reaction using a variety of kitchen items with this fun Wizards Lab activity!  Bonus tip – if you have a set of kid-friendly plastic test tubes in the house (maybe in an old science kit) we highly recommend them for this activity!


Experiment #10: The Art & Science of Watercolor Paints

Grab some of your favorite art items (markers, crayons, oil pastels & water color paints) and learn about the science behind art with this creative STEAM project!


Experiment #11: The Science of Flying a Kite

Kids can learn about the physics of kite flying (including Newton’s laws and the Bernouli principle) with this fun backyard activity — and yes, even tweens and teenagers will enjoy flying a kite so get them outside too.


Experiment #12: How to Make a Tornado in a Bottle

Learn how a vortex is formed and why tornadoes can be so dangerous with this colorful & mesmerizing science project that uses items you have around the house!


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