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St Patrick’s Day Photo Scavenger Hunt {FREE printable!}

Grab a copy of this printable St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt list and challenge your kids to find their ‘pot o’ gold’!

Almost anyone will tell you that you don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (and that you should be sure to wear green that day unless you want to get pinched 😉

Like our Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt challenge — today’s game inspires kids to grab a phone or camera and go in search of fun symbols for the holiday! 

And their prize?  A treasure hunt for a “pot of gold” at the end of their rainbow!

 St Patrick's Day scavenger hunt list

St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Today’s scavenger hunt can be done at home, in a classroom or just about anywhere! 

We left the challenges of ‘things to find’ wide open so kids will feel free to get creative as they hunt down the items related to St. Patrick’s Day. 

And while the hunt is set up as a ‘photo’ scavenger hunt, you can also play the game with or without a camera.


Scavenger hunt activity for kids on St Patrck's Day

Scavenger Hunt Tips:

When heading out on a scavenger hunt, we like to have a few key items with us. 

Here are a few tips & list of things to bring including affiliate links to a few of our favorite items:

◊ We love having the printable list on a sturdy 9 x 12″ Clipboard so it’s easy to hold & don’t forget a pencil to check things off as you find them!

◊ If you plan to do the hunt outside, a pair of kid-size Binoculars are a must!  They give the kids a wider range of places to look.

◊ Be sure to have your smartphone or camera if you’re playing this as a photo hunt!  In fact, it’s a fun search-and-find activity that will keep your kids busy for a little while on their own 😉



And if your kids aren’t familiar with ‘WHY’ for some of these items on the list, here are a few great books about St. Patrick’s Day symbols & folklore:

Fiona’s Luck is an adorable story about a girl who outwits the Leprechaun King in order to bring all the luck back to Ireland. The illustrations in this book are wonderful!

That’s What Leprechauns Do is by a favorite author of ours, Eve Bunting.  The story shares the pranks of three mischievous leprechans as they wreak havoc on the countryside.  There book also shares some cultural/historic facts about leprechauns too.

Leprechaun’s and Irish Folklore is part of the Magic Tree House nonfiction books (we adore these!).  With lots of illustrations and a TON of facts, kids will learn about Ireland, St Patrick’s Day and many of the legends that go with it.


Ideas for a Pot of Gold prize for St Patricks scavenger hunt

St. Patrick’s Treasure Hunt: Pot of Gold

For hunts like this, I always think it’s fun to have a surprise — ours was put in a yellow sand pail (closest thing I could find to a pot of gold 😉

I put the pail on the back of our counter — visible but out of reach so the kids can’t see what’s inside the pail. 

When they asked, I game them vague clues like “things that are green or rainbow” — and then said “you’ll just have to find all the items on the list to see for yourselves!”

My goal was to include small things related to the holiday.  Since we usually celebrate St. Patrick’s Day over Spring Break so it’s always a plus to have some fun activities for that week.


Printable St patricks scavenger hunt pdf

Here’s what’s in our pot of gold –

You could also add a book & green-themed snack for a fun story time session!


Photo Scavenger Hunt Tips

This is an easy hunt for preschoolers, big kids, tweens or teens!

I love when you turn a camera over to kids — it’s always fun to see what creative things they’ll come up with or what they might think is ‘photo-worthy’.

Most of the items can be found indoors (even the ‘outdoor’ item can be a photo through a window) in case you have bad weather.

If your kids will be using a phone to snap photos of each item on the list, have them come show you once they’ve found all eight!

If you want to modify it and not use a camera, just ask them to point out which items fit each of the categories on the page.


The hardest one (I think) is something rainbow — but someone in your home probably has some rainbow clothing or maybe there’s a picture of a rainbow somewhere. 

We have LOTS of rainbow artwork in our house!

Watch out for the “someone being mischievous” clue — you never know what kids will get into to get a good photo for that one!


Free St Patricks Day scavenger hunt clues


The item that’s the most fun to find?

The kids doing an Irish jig! 

If they’re taking photos – videotape that one 😉

If you do the hunt ON St. Patrick’s Day, remind your kids to wear green or they may get pinched!

Grab your copy of the St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt here!



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