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100 Fun Things to Do in Spring!

A HUGE list of fun things to do in Spring — great ideas for Spring Break and seasonal Spring Activities for kids and adults!

After this wild & wacky winter, we should all pat ourselves on the back 🙂

Now it’s time to enjoy all the new season — and maybe create your own Spring Bucket list for the coming months!

Spring activities - fun things to do in spring

100 Spring Activities for Kids & Adults

Birds chirping, warmer temps, the fact that it’s usually still light out after dinner and being able to wear flip-flops without freezing your toes off!

Plus, your kids now hear a “yes” when they ask if they can wear shorts to school 🙂

Spring is also the time to make a few memories together.  So to inspire you to push aside that spring cleaning and enjoy some time with your kids, we’ve got a list — one hell of a list — of fun ways to celebrate the season!

We’re including a TON of ideas on this bucket list along with a free printable of Spring activities to keep you inspire in the coming months!  You’ll also find affiliate links to a few of our favorite items and holiday activities too.

Inspire your kids to go explore & have an adventure or two this season!

Spring Activities for Kids and Adults

1.  Let your kids climb a tree

2.  Visit a pond and feed the ducks {grab this free printable 20 Fun Activities for a Day at the Pond }

3.  Explore a new playground or two with this FREE printable playground scavenger hunt!

4.  Hide plastic Easter eggs for an impromptu egg hunt (grab this set of FREE set of printable Easter Egg clues!)

5.  Visit the Farmer’s Market and try a new fruit or vegetable this year.

6.  Grab a blanket and have a picnic lunch outside — we love this waterproof fold-up Picnic Blanket perfect for the park or beach!

7.  One of our favorite Spring activities — Blow a blade of grass and make it whistle!

8.  Paint Rainbow Pots & grow something together.  They also make a wonderful teacher gifts.

9.  Go on a road trip!  {FREE printable list to get you ready + 50 Ways to Entertain the Kids}

10. – 20. Choose 10 of these awesome Nature Activities to do with your kids!

100 Things to do in Spring - fun Spring activities for kids

Fun Things to do Outside in Spring

21.  Lie on a blanket and look for shapes in the clouds.

22.  Make an Outdoor Activity Jar to inspire your kids to get outside & play!

23.  Go puddle-jumping after a rain storm! or just go for a walk in the rain together.

24.  Create your own Nature Notebook {with 50+ free printables}!

25.  Skip rocks at the lake.

26.  Watch birds build a nest (or maybe even see them feed the baby birds!)

Spring activities, nature and outdoor ideas for Spring Break

27.  Grab the sidewalk chalk and create something AMAZING!  Have you seen the Neon Glitter sidewalk chalk?!!

28.  Go fly a kite and learn about wind science

29.  Run barefoot in the grass.

30.  Make your own Fairy Garden.

31.  Read a book at the park — try this list of books that inspire kids to be nice to nature!

32.  Take a night hike with this FREE printable nighttime scavenger hunt!

33.  Grab your camera and go on a Outdoor Photo hunt (free printable!)

What can you do in spring

Old-School Things to do in Spring

34.  Visit a farm or petting zoo and feed the baby animals.

35.  Sleep with the windows open.

36.  Go on a creek walk.

37.  Get your kids to HELP with some Spring Cleaning {free age-specific printable list!}

38.  Teach your kids how to jump rope, hula hoop or use a pogo stick — great large motor skills!

39.  Have breakfast outside in your pj’s one morning!

40.  Dye Easter eggs – try this egg-dying science experiment too.

41.  Do homework outside after school.

42.  Start a new family tradition!

Fun things to do in the Spring - activities with bubbles

43.  Lie in the hammock and enjoy a family read-aloud book together

44.  Blow bubbles!  This AWESOME Bubble Machine is one that we used so much in Spring and Summer!

45.  Or make MONSTER bubbles.

46.  Visit the hardware store and let your kids ride the tractors.

47.  Put up a tent and have a backyard ‘camp-out’

48.  Or better yet, take the kids camping at a local park {check this list to find free places to camp!}

49.  Get the whole family to play flashlight tag!  or a game of Lawn Darts!

50.  Wash off all your outdoor toys.

51.  Watch the sunset together.

52.  Pick a bouquet of fresh flowers.

53.  Explore a new hiking trail.

Spring activities and spring crafts for kids - outdoor ideas, indoor fun things to do!

More Ideas for FUN Spring Activities

54.  Plant something!!  30 Garden Ideas for Kids to Try this Year
55.  Roll down a hill {parents should do this too!}

56.  Play tag with the whole family!

57.  Move story time outside with these great books that celebrate Spring.

58.  Make something with Rocks!  {Here are 28 amazing rock crafts & projects}

59. – 77.  Enjoy these 18 Ways to Play at the Park!

Fun and free things to do during Spring for preschoolers, kids, tweens and teens!

78. Start a nature collection

79.  Explore the parts of a flower with this easy flower dissection science project.

80.  Go on a scavenger hunt (or two)!

81. Grow moonflowers (they are really cool!)  They can be hard to find but you can find moonflower seeds online.

82.  Stop and smell the lilacs (or your favorite flower).

83.  Go on a Texture Scavenger hunt (free printable!)

84.  Attend a spring program at the library.

85.  Create some art outdoors!

86.  Play hopscotch.

87.  Dig for worms.

88.  Take a book on a hike and see what you find.

89.  Hang a slackline in your backyard and practice on improving balance!

90.  Go geo-caching or go letterboxing.

What to do in Spring with kids

91.  Do a few Spring science experiments!

92.  Go on a bug hunt – use this FREE printable Bug Hunt Field Journal to record what you find!

93. Take a family bike ride.

94.  Make boats & go float them at the pond.

95.  Teach your kids how to yo-yo!

96.  Get inspired to ‘go green’ with a few easy activities that help the Earth.

97.  Visit the zoo – try these fun books about zoo animals & zoo scavenger hunt with your trip!

98.  Make marshmallow constellations & learn about the stars.

99.  Have a campfire.

100.  Enjoy these free printable Spring activities — great for a rainy day!

and a bonus that’s good no matter what the season —

101.  Build an awesome fort!

Print your own version of the Spring Activities List!

 Get out and enjoy some time together — the vacuuming can wait!


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