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A ‘Celebrate Spring’ Bucket List

I don’t know about your house but in our neck of the woods, Spring can get really busy! 

The end of the school year is approaching which means school performances, state assessments and helping the kids to finish all those final projects they need to do. 

Then there’s getting the yard and house cleaned up after winter —

turning over the garden,

putting away winter clothes,

cleaning out the garage so we can FIND the spring toys —

all that spring cleaning (psst… here’s a free checklist to get the kids to help with those spring chores).


This year, my daughter is in her first play (yea!) so we’re running to play practices — and my husband has decided to run a marathon so he’s in training. 

Squeeze in family coming for Easter (oh my, haven’t really thought about what I’ll be doing for Easter dinner yet) and my son’s golf schedule —


Whew!  See what I mean — it’s a good busy, everyone’s happy and having fun. 


But somewhere in there, I need a few reminders to slow down and enjoy the season.



A ‘Celebrate Spring’ Bucket List

So I make a list to serve as a reminder — that skipping rocks with the kids on a Saturday afternoon or exploring a new park is a great way to enjoy the season AND spend some time connecting with the kids. 

And since I know you’re busy too, I’ve created a free printable version of the list that you can hang on your fridge 🙂


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What do I love about the items on this list?

They require almost no planning!

I know – no prep work involved!  So many can be done at the drop of a hat.

Got a few minutes? 

Go hunt for insects (with this free scavenger hunt)! 

Is Sunday afternoon open? 

Take the kids on a hike or check out a new playground!


Want to know the second thing I love most about this list?

NO technology involved (well, other than the gps that gets us to that new park).

Spring is a great time to ‘go off the grid’ and remind the kids that there’s a whole world out there to explore and touch and hear!


So go out and puddle-jump, hold a worm, blow a blade of grass — enjoy the season!


What’s on your Spring Bucket List this year?



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