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20 Science Experiments You Can Do in a Jar

We’re starting a new monthly series on the blog today — A Year of Simple Science Experiments!

Each month, we’ll feature some fun science projects that can easily be done at home or in the classroom. 

These hands-on activities will give kids an opportunity to learn about various science concepts and practice their skills in observation, testing and scientific inquiry (yep! asking all those questions is a GOOD thing 😉 

All of our kids can use more exposure to STEM activities (science, techology, engineering & math) to peak their curiosity and keep them thinking.

January’s activities are all self-contained which means LOTS of exploration with a small chance of messes.  They can be done indoors or outside and most have a very easy set-up. 

Get ready for — Simple Science in a Jar!


20 Science Experiments You Can Do in a Jar

Experiments can be done in jars of all sizes — I use mason jars (here’s an affiliate link for more info in case you’re not familiar with them) for many of our activities. You can also use empty food jars such as jelly jars, plastic pretzel/snack containers or those nice big pickle jars.

Choose a glass or plastic jar/container that is not tinted; it allows you to view the activity from all angles since they are clear. 


Create Your Own Ocean Zones — I Can Teach My Child

Mix Colors with Walking Water — Coffee Cups & Crayons

Test Air Pressure with an Egg — Science Sparks

Watch Grass ‘Breathe’ — Parents

Make an Under-the-Sea World — Edventures with Kids

Observe the Greehouse Effects —

Create a Salt Volcano — What Do We Do All Day?

Make a Cloud in a Jar — Inspiration Laboratories

Create a Rainbow — Playdough to Plato

Brew up a Snowstorm — Growing a Jeweled Rose

Create a Galaxy — Lemon Lime Adventures

Grow Bean Sprouts — The Imagination Tree

Learn about Water Displacement — Happy Hooligans

Conjure up a Tornado — Juggling with Kids

Explore Chromatography — Buggy & Buddy

Grow Crystals — Babble Dabble Do

Observe Worms — Not Just Cute

Learn about Water Absorption — Paging Fun Mums

Make Your Own Rainforest — Hike. Blog. Love.

Test Density: Sink & Float Experiment — Edventures with Kids




If you’re looking for some ready-made science kits, we love these science-in-a-jar kits — they’re especially nice for birthday gifts!  Affiliate links are included so you can learn more about each one.  And no worries – the ‘jars’ for these kits are plastic 🙂

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

Grow & Learn Garden in a Jar



simple science experiments


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