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13 Classic Books for Kids: Spring Stories

Enjoy story time this season with these classic books for kids with Spring stories!

What do you remember about the spring days of your childhood? 

I have vivid memories of waking up to the sounds of birds and the smell of lilacs in our back yard, along with lots of time outside playing in the backyard and having adventures in the nearby woods.

Spring is definately a time for adventures and trying new things! 

As we wrap up our Vintage Books for Kids series, this final list will share many classic children’s books of wonderful journeys. 


13 Classic Spring Stories for Kids

In order to keep this list focused, I’ve already published a collection of wonderful classic Easter books that I’m sure many of you will remember from when you were a kid.  The books in today’s list share two common themes — finding new beginnings and seeking out adventure!

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As a quick refresher, books that make our vintage lists must be at least 40 years old, be stories that are still enjoyed by children today and be available at your local library or bookstore.  The list includes affilates links for each of our recommendations so you can easily learn more about the books.


Although you may have to explain the idea of a steam shovel to the kids, the main message in Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel will be easily understood!  It’s a great story about doing your best and the ‘newest’ thing isn’t always the best way to go.

Kids will cheer on Mike and Mary Anne as they do their best work!  And the colorful illustrations are still beautiful today.  Be sure to explore the various parts of a steam shovel shown at the end of the story.  Published in 1939.


Ok, I did include this on the classic Easter book list too — but it’s just such a wonderful story!  What happens to a small stuffed bunny after he has to be thrown away?  Readers will experience the adventure of this adorable bunny as he struggles to learn about his life.  The Velveteen Rabbit is a story that will touch the hearts of anyone who has ever had a special toy to love.  Published in 1922.

This is also a wonderful item to include in your child’s Easter basket too!


I love stories that show kids what it’s like to head out on an adventure and The Story about Ping is a great example!  When Ping misses the call to head home, he knows there will be consequences.  Instead of facing them, he decides to go out on an adventure and explore the world near his home. 

The story is a great discussion-starter for kids — what would you do if you knew there were unpleasant consequences you had to face?  And it’s also a fun tale of freedom and exploration!  Published in 1933.


I adore the drawings of Robert McClosky and Make Way for Ducklings screams ‘spring’ with the hatching of baby ducklings!  When Mr. & Mrs. Mallard find they are going to be starting a family, they choose the Public Gardens in Boston as their new home.  It may be a little busy but with the help of some friends, they soon realize it’s a wonderful place to raise ducklings. 

This classic book is a must read for every child and I’m sure one you remember from your childhood!  Published in 1941.


Everyone loves the little monkey and his friend, the Man in the Big Yellow Hat!  The Complete Adventures of Curious George shares all the fun & funny escapades of George as he rides a bike, take a job, gets a medal and more! 

Young children can really identify with George as he tries to help out but many times, things go wrong.  For kids, it’s all about the best of intentions 🙂  Published in 1941.


In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines…” lives Madeline, one of the most famous little girls in children’s literature.  Kids love this series about a spunky young girl who has some fun adventures with her friends. 

A memorable read with beautiful illustrations!  Published in 1939.

If your kids enjoy stories about kids from other countries, be sure to see these 30 Books that Take Kids around the World!


I love The Story of Babar. First, because it shows how other people can have such a profound impact on your life.  And second, for the adventures that are shared with the reader. 

Babar is an elephant whose mother was killed when he was young.  He escapes to the city where a kind old lady adopts him and helps him to get an education.  He then returns to the forest to become King of the Elephants and help his people. 

This is the first book is a great series!  Published in 1931.


This story made our spring list because it’s one that I have read to children as they are ending one grade and preparing for another.  It’s a wonderful book about facing and overcoming challenges by believing in yourself — a great skill to teach kids! 

The Little Engine That Could shares how one small train is able to make it up a very large mountain by believing in himself and with the help of his friends.  Published in 1930.

If you have a train fan at your house, here are 30 Fun Train Activities for Kids.


Another book about adventures, Harold and the Purple Crayon shows us the unique world that Harold creates with his imagination and a purple crayon. This is a wonderful book to pair with a ‘draw your own purple crayon’ activity. 

Young kids will relish in the anticipation of what comes with each turn of the page! Published in 1955.


An great family read-aloud, Pippi Longstocking is the story of a girl with super-strength who lives with her monkey & horse.  Any child who has ever dreamed of playing house all by themselves will love to read about what Pippi cooks for dinner and how she lives in a house called Villa Villekulla.

Kids will enjoy how Pippi mocks the careful living of most adults — for her, life is all about having fun!  Published in 1945.


Another great read-aloud series, The Moffats shares the daily antics of four siblings who live in the post WWI era.  This was a time when kids were sent to the grocery store on their own and left to explore their town without supervision — things that children in the 20th century may never exprience other than through books. 

Read along with the childrens’ adventures in their small town of Cranbury.  The four-book series follows the family as the kids grow up.  Published in 1941.

This book also made out list of the 50 Most Memorable Read Aloud Books for Kids too!


My Father’s Dragon is a short and wonderful chapter book about Elmer Elevator, a young boy who saves a baby dragon and helps him return to his home.  I love the items Elmer chooses as ‘necessities’ as he sets off on his journey (gum, lollipops, a toothbrush). 

This is another great adventure book for kids and a nice family read-aloud. Published in 1948.


And I’ll wrap up our list with one of the most read and adored children’s book, Winnie-the-Pooh. A story of friendship and how to pull together to support others, the Winnie the Pooh series is based on a real life boy named Christopher Robin and his companion, Edward Bear. 

Many kids probably think Pooh is a Disney character but he was really created by A.A. Milne more than 70 years ago.  I still have my old, original copy from childhood and my most favorite part of the book is the map of the 100 Acre Woods — be sure to find an edition with the map for extra reading fun!  Published in 1926.


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