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I love sharing classic books with my kids, especially ones that I enjoyed as a child. 

So I’ve started a quarterly series on great Vintage Kids Books to feed my need for nostalgic reading 🙂  If you missed our summer list, you can find out which books made the cut on our Vintage Summer Reads post.

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Do your kids love to make handmade ornaments for Christmas? Then you will go CRAZY over today’s activity – Handmade Shadow Box ornaments! They are quick and inexpensive crafts that you can easily fit in a few during the holiday season — and they also make great gifts for grandparents & teachers too! Easy Handmade …

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I’m a huge fan of kids lit!  I know, no surprise there if you’ve read even a few of my posts.  But even more, I’m a big lover of classic, vintage kids books — the really great stories that we all heard as kids or may have even been read by our parents & grandparents in their childhood. 

It’s these amazing books that should still be read with kids today.  So many of these stories were written with a message or moral, the illustrations are gorgeous and the text is poetic.  And kids will adore them!

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I know that so many of us live in the world of text messages and emails but let’s face it, young kids LOVE snail mail!

While we get bills, unwanted advertisements and the occasional good news, kids always receive fun things in the mail — letters from Grandma, birthday wishes from family, the toy catalog sent during the holidays 🙂

My kids have always looked forward to “getting the mail”.

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What do you remember about the spring days of your childhood? 

I have vivid memories of waking up to the sounds of birds and smelling the lilacs in our back yard, along with lots of time outside playing in the backyard and having adventures in the nearby woods.

Spring is definately a time for adventures and trying new things! 

As we wrap up our Vintage Books for Kids series, this final list will share many classic children’s book series and tales of wonderful journeys. 

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There’s something nostalgic about back to school time. I think it’s because we all remember getting ready for a new school year — …. saving those new shoes for the very first day so they’d be all shiny (at least until recess) …. getting excited to learn who would be in your class and who …

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Do you ever remember playing in the kitchen while your mom or grandmother were baking?  The wonderful smells and the fun conversations not to mention the amazing treats that came out of the oven! 

I know that technology and modern conveniences are great things but sometimes I really want to kids to experience life without all the bells and whistles.  So I thought I would ‘re-create’ a day in Grandma’s Kitchen as part of our Discover & Explore December Activities linky. 

This is the first post in our Vintage Play for Kids series where we’ll introduce some great throw-back ideas that are new to our kids!

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