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28 Things You Can Do with Rocks


You find them in jacket pockets, lined up on window sills and creating havoc in your dryer.

And yet, when you had one over to the kids and ask them to return it to the yard, their faces gasp in horror …

MOM!  This is —

— the newest in my collection! 

— a dinosaur fossil!

— the one that I found on our trip to Grandpa’s!”

It’s amazing how much promise can be found in one little stone 🙂


Gathering rocks is a right of childhood. 

They are easily found, come in a variety of shapes & sizes and when you’re a pint-sized person, they are simply too close to your grasp to not pick up and pocket any time you get the chance.

But what to do with that growing group of gemstones?

We’ve got a few ideas that will inspire the kids and ‘rock’ your world (sorry, just couldn’t resist 😉



28 Rock Crafts & Activities

Believe it or not, rocks will keep kids entertained for a long time! 

Consider having a rock day with the kids.  Set out on a walk and collect a vareity of rocks and stones.  When you return home, do one of the science or math activities from our list.

Then pull out some crafting supplies and create something special with your newest treasures.  There are some amazing ideas for holidays thoughout the year too!

We’re also including a few of our favorite rock books so the kids can learn more about their special stones 🙂


Crafting with Rocks

Use pebbles & a pen to Create beautiful Rock Art — Zing Zing Tree

Create an Outdoor Activity Jar and encourage the kids to get outside!

Get creative and paint rock penguins! — East Coast Mommy

Make a set of Rock Ducks and read — Red Ted Art

Paint a Rock Turtle — Kitchen Floor Crafts

Explore the elements of design using nothing but stones — Mid-Pacific Institute

Craft story stones to go with your favorite book — Handmade Kids Art

Make a Pet Rock — There’s Just One Mommy

Craft your name of of rocks — Mama. Papa. Bubba.

Create a Good Luck Stone — Happy Hooligans

Paint Garden Markers — Adventure in a Box



 Learning Activities that Use Rocks

Learning with Rocks & Stones

Learn to tell time on this awesome Rock Clock — Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

Explore Lines & Shapes with Rocks — You Clever Monkey

Test the hardness of a rock

Create Constellation Art and study the stars — Creekside Learning

Count & Sort with Lovebug Rocks — Where Imagination Grows

Learn about balance & engineering by building Stone Cairns — Nuture Store

Create a set of alphabet stones and practice your ABC’s — The Imagination Tree

Use a Rock Jar to Reward Good Behavior — See Vanessa Craft

Work on fine motor skills with Rocks & Playdough — Sugar Aunts


Learn more about your rocks — here’s a few of our favorite books:


 Kids books about rocks

Let’s Go Rock Collecting (Let’s-Read-And-Find-Out Science. Stage 2) – a great first book about rocks for kids ages 3 – 7 years.  We love using this nonfiction series as it does a wonderful job of explaining detailed science to younger kids. 

A Rock Is Lively is a beautiful look at rocks.  You might think that all rocks are just brown and grey but this book will change your mind.  Read about some of the most beautiful and unique rocks in the world!

Jump into Science: Rocks and Minerals – Kids ages 6 – 10 will enjoy learning how the three main types of rocks are formed, fun facts about how rocks have been used throughout history and a ‘recipe’ for making your own rock!

And Explore Rocks and Minerals!: 25 Great Projects, Activities, Experiements will give kids some fun projects to do with rocks!



 Holiday nature crafts

‘Rock’ the Holidays

Send some love out on Valentine’s Day with these #Slove Pebbles — Adventures of Adam

Recreate the Jelly Bean prayer with Easter Rocks — JDaniel4’s Mom

Create Chalkboard Easter Egg rocks — Coffee Cups & Crayons

Make Your Own Memory Stones to celebrate summer — Mum in the Madhouse

Show Dad how much he “ROCKS” with this Paperweight for Father’s Day or these wonderfully creative Hero Stones — Crafts by Amanda

Craft a handmade Turkey Puzzle for the Thanksgiving table

Count your blessings with Gratitude Stones — Fireflies & Mudpies


Rock activities for kids


More Ways to Have Fun with Nature:

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