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Learn Your ABC’s on an Architecture Scavenger Hunt

I’m sure you can remember yourself singing the ABC song at some point in your life.  It’s one of the most popular and well-known songs {in fact, just my mention probably has it running through your head right now}.

As parents, we devote a lot of time in helping our kids to learn the fundamentals — ABC’s & 123’s – that are the building blocks for much of what they learn later in life. This week’s Discover & Explore linky will share some great ideas for fun ways to help kids practice their letters and numbers.


An ABC Architecture Scavenger Hunt

Let’s face it, when the kids are learning something new, it’s important to mix up fun ways to teach them.  You don’t want to just look at letters and say “That’s an A, that’s a B…” 

One fun way that we practiced our letters is to search for them in architecture and on structures. 

Not the letters you would see on signs (although we did do ABC hunts with signs) but sort of ‘hidden’ letters in how things are built.

There’s a wonderful book that you can read before you head out on your huntAlphabet City by Stephen Johnson is a fun look at how different buildings and items look like letters.  The photos in this book will really get your wheels turning as you see all the fun examples of where you might hunt for letters.  I’ve included an affiliate link so you can read  more about the book.


We headed out on a walk to the playground and found a handful of letters.


 ABC Architecture Scavenger Hunt

I’m sure you can see which letter this is — it was one of the first ones we spotted at the playground.


ABC Architecture Scavenger Hunt

If you have a good eye, you’ll find letters in the strangest places.


ABC Architecture Scavenger Hunt

Another fairly easy find!


ABC Architecture Scavenger Hunt

My husband spotted this one when our daughter went over for a drink.


ABC hunts are so much fun for everyone — one of those great ‘I Spy’ type of games you can play as a family. 

Have you ever gone on an ABC hunt?