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12 Christmas Minute to Win It Games

We're pulling together some fun  "Minute to Win It" Christmas games this year as part of our family activities & slow down and enjoy the holidays together goal!

Since we'll have LOTS of family in town, we need some entertaining activities for Christmas Day and beyond.

Have you ever watched Rudolph

I'm sure you've seen how the reindeer play games -- and we thought it would be a hoot to put together our own themed set of holiday games to do with the relatives. 

You know, to pass the time on those colder days & add a few laughs to the celebration -- and there will be a LOT of laughs with these, I promise!


Great Christmas minute to win it games for the family or a class party!

12 Christmas Minute to Win It Games

Our goal -- one or two short & friendly games each day while family is in town -- a fun way to pass the time. 

Some of the activities are for teams and others are done individually.  All are great for everyone from kids to grandparents!

These are also fun ideas to include in your Christmas Countdown Activities too.

Our kids helped by telling me about some of the minute to win it games they've played at school.  Then we created a few of our own and also looked online to find a some super cool ones that other families have done.  I've included links to game directions along with affiliate links for other items you might find entertaining to use as you play.

We tried a few of the ideas out over Thanksgiving and had a great time -- even older kids will love to get involved (and half the fun is watching the rest of the family make feeble attempts at these crazy antics)!


Snowball Scoop

Remember that old party game where someone would blindfold you and you had to scoop cotton balls from one bowl to another using a large kitchen spoon? 

Yep, this is it!  

All you'll need is two large bowls, a few bags of cottonballs and a large salad spoon.  Put all the cottonballs into one bowl and place it next to the empty bowl.  Then blindfold each player, put the spoon in their hand and see how many cottonballs they can move from the full bowl to the empty bowl with ONLY the spoon (no extra hands allowed!)

Each player can either have 3 tries or they can keep trying for one minute.  Not as easy as it looks!

And if you're stuck inside, here are 30 Winter Games & Activities to keep everyone happy!


Away in the Manger

This is a team game and kids love it! 

Gather up an armful of various pieces of clothing, blankets, stuffed animals and knick-knacks from around the house.  Put them all in a laundry basket. 

Give each team one minute to use as many props as they can (including team members) to create their own version of The Nativity or manger scene from Jesus' birth.  Be sure to take pictures!!

And yes, real Nativity costumes do exist if you'd rather not dress up in a sheet ;)


Christmas minute to win it games

Snowball Toss

This was one of our favorite Christmas minute to win it games!

2 minute Prep: Hang a Christmas wreath up from a doorway or ceiling -- we just used some burlap and tacked it above the door frame.  Ball up a handful of white socks to make snowballs or use this fun Indoor Snowball Fight kit

There are two ways to play:

Easy version:  Each person gets to shoot as many 'snowballs' as they can through the center of the wreath in one minute.

Harder version:  Place a large bowl on the other side of the wreath and see how many 'snowballs' can go through the wreath and INTO the bowl.

We awarded one point for each snowball that was shot through the wreath and another 3 points for each one that made it into the bow.

Hint:  Snowballs bounce just like Bumbles ;)


Christmas minute to win it games for indoor and outdoor holiday fun


Christmas Lights Photo Challenge

This is a team game that's played outside - bundle up! 

Give each team a list of holiday light displays along with a smartphone.  Then set everyone's phone/watch for 20 minutes.  Team members need to run around the neighborhood taking photos of as many items from the list as they can find and then head back to home base to see who found the most.  Great exercise too!

Here are a few free printable lists you can use:

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt -- The Dating Divas

Christmas Scavenger Hunt (with inside & outside items) - Tightwad Blog

Another alternative is this free printable Gingerbread Man Scavenger Hunt -- just cut out the game pieces, hide them in the yard or house & let teams loose to see who can find the most gingerbread people!


Cookie Eat Off Game

This is a hilarious way to serve your Christmas cookies -- all players place a cookie on their forehead and without touching it, have to get it into their mouth using only facial movements.  

Catching Fireflies has a fun look at the Cookie on the Face challenge along with other games.

Another fun edible idea is a Gingerbread House building challenge!  Just pull together some graham crackers and decorative items, grab your timer and see who can create the best house in minutes! 

And then, of course, eat it :)


Christmas Word Scramble

A quick Christmas minute to win it table game -- just print off this free Christmas Word Scramble and see who can solve the most words in a minute!

Also check out these 25 Free Christmas Games & Activities for more printable Christmas activities.

Or if you're looking for a more educational game, try this Christmas Geography Challenge -- choose one or two of the questions on the list and have teams work together to map their answers.


minute to win it games for Christmas

Holiday Charades

Another Team Game:  Print off this free list of holiday-themed Charade phrases and see which team can guess the most items within a minute or two. 

Also a great game to play without a timer ;)


Jingle Bell Box Game

OMG!  This looks so funny and I can't wait to see the grandparents 'jingle' their rears to shake out the bells!  You'll need some individual jingle bells for this game but they're easy to find at most craft stores.

(UPDATE:  This was TOTALLY the biggest hit!  The kids still talk about Grandpa shaking his booty for this game :)

Visit Your Homebased Mom for the 'Jingle in the Trunk' details along with more fun minute games!


Holiday BINGO

You can play this as a regular BINGO game or just limit it to one minute.  Kind of like speed BINGO :) 

See if any player can score a BINGO in just one minute -- the caller needs to be lightning fast for this! 

Here are a few free holiday-themed BINGO boards to get you started:

Christmas BINGO - Crazy Little Projects

Vintage Christmas BINGO - Crafting Chicks


Nutcracker Stacker

There's a few great versions of this one -- it involves a pile of hardware nuts, one candy cane and some engineering skills! 

A Beautiful Vibrant Life has details about their Christmas Nutstacker game and more fun ideas.


minute to win it games for Christmas

The Nose Knows

This is actually an adaptation of a kids science activity.  Place seasonal food items in empty tissue boxes and have each person take a sniff to see if they can identify the item in the box.  No peeking! 

You can see what we used in this Amazing Scents of Christmas science activity for your game.

Plus 30 more quick & easy Christmas Science Activities the kids will enjoy over winter break!


Candy Cane Relay

Team game:  Split your family/group into 2 teams and have them stand in a line.  Each person gets one (large sized) candy cane to hold in their mouth.  Then hang a new candy cane off the end of the first person's candy cane and have the team pass it from player to player using only the canes that are in their teeth. 

Kind of like the old version of 'link the monkey's' game.

First team to get the candy cane all the way down the line without it dropping wins!  If it drops, the team must start all over.  Be careful - candy canes break easily ;)

The Happy Home Fairy has another version of this - Candy Cane Pile up - along with more fun ideas for quick Christmas games.




25+ Free Christmas Printable Activities

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12 Days of Christmas Activities {with printables!}


ideas for stocking stuffers


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Guest - Jodie on Friday, 19 December 2014 21:48

Oh my gosh, this would be so fun to do with the family. Such a great idea!

Oh my gosh, this would be so fun to do with the family. Such a great idea!
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