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30 FREE Printable Winter Games & Activities

Browse this list of free printable Winter games and activities for those days when you can’t get outside!

It’s time to get prepared by having some free printable Winter activities on hand — and I’ve got your back!

I’m currently sitting on our couch looking out the window at the GORGEOUS snow falling. The flakes are those big, soft ones that float down and make everything look like a winter wonderland.

And it’s so quiet and peaceful …… right now, that is.

Because I know this is the calm before the storm (literally!) — the coming weeks will be full of more indoor time than outdoor time for so many of us.

Free printables Winter games and activities for preschool and elementary kids

30 FREE Printable Winter Games & Activities for Kids

Today’s round-up of fabulous & FREE printable Winter activities and games is not only a resource for the next few months but also one of those posts that came about as the result of desperate times.

Indoor time isn’t a bad thing — cozying up with a few good winter books for kids, playing games, enjoying some family time together — all good stuff!

But there’s one thing that does make me a little desperate — it’s the noise 🙁

I don’t know when it happened but somewhere over the past decade, I became noise-sensitive (is that a thing?  If not, I’m making it a thing!

You know what I mean — the voices and music that seem to bounce off the walls, the dog whining to go out and come in every 10 minutes, the tv or those toys that have the beep-boop-boom sounds … it’s all just a little too much for me to handle at times.

So it seems that I have two choices — lock myself in the closet (tried that but someone always finds me 😉

OR come up with a slew of ideas that inspire quiet play & learning for when things get a little out of hand.

Our last set of winter-themed printables (see these 70 FREE Winter Printables for Kids) focused on learning & indoor craft ideas.  Today we’ve got an awesome group of games & get-up-and-move indoor activities!

And yes, this nature girl will be the first to tell you that getting outside when you can is probably the best way to tame cabin fever (try these outdoor nature activities) but having a set of indoor games & activities like these is a close second.

Free Printable Winter Games & Puzzles

Fun ideas the whole family can play together!  Or great ways to keep the kids occupied & entertained!

Holiday & Winter Charades/Pictionary | Edventures with Kids

Winter I-Spy | The Pleasantest Thing

Winter Mad-lib puzzles | Classroom Jr.

Draw a Snowman on your Head! | Housing a Forest

Gingerbread Man Scavenger Hunt | Edventures with Kids

Snow Day BINGO | All Free Kids Crafts

Winter Scattegories | The Crafting Chicks

Winter Mazes & More | All Kids Network

Winter Word Search | Real Life at Home

Create an Indoor Blizzard with these Snowflake Patterns | First Palette

free printable winter games

Free Printable Winter Coloring Pages

Add in a new box of crayons or a beautiful set of Colored Pencils (affiliate links) and kids will color forever 😉

Preschool Arctic Animal coloring & writing pages | Preschool Mom

Winter Color by Numbers | Itsy Bitsy Fun

Winter Scenes – 5 pages | Dover Publications

Free Printable Winter Activities for Preschool & Elementary Kids

These fun printable activities are great for use at home, in the classroom or with after-school groups too!

See how many items you can find on this Winter Scavenger Hunt! | Edventures with Kids

And see the January & February hunts on our 50 FREE Scavenger Hunts list | Edventures with Kids

Learn about holidays around the World with this printable Christmas Map Challenge | Edventures with Kids

Keep it Moving exercise game | Hip Homeschool Mom

Send kids on this Indoor Scavenger Hunt *that doubles as a fun math activity* | Edventures with Kids

Printable Animal Cross Stitch cards (perfect for bored tweens!) | Mr. Printables

Inspire more quiet playtime with these 40 Pretend Play Printables! | Edventures with Kids

Build a fort & start a club with these printable Kids’ Club signs! | Edventures with Kids

Easy Indoor Scavenger Hunt | The Scrap Shoppe Blog

Watch animals out the window & record their behavior with this Animal Observation Activity | Edventures with Kids

Get the Kids Moving paper dice activity | I Heart Naptime — no longer available 🙁

Escape the Volcano game | Toddler Approved

Use the free printable Book to Movie guide to inspire some winter reading & a family movie night together!  Check out our list of 100 Years of Movies for Kids celebrating the best Disney and Warner Bros. films for kids in our Amazon storefront!

Let’s Pretend to … | The Resourceful Mama

Indoor Funny Animal Acts Charades | Moms & Munchkins

Indoor Clue Hunt | Wildflower Bouquets

More Free Printable Activities

50 Free printable Forest Crafts & Activities

free winter games and printables for kids