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Boats, Water Fun and Things that Float for Kids

This week’s linky will Discover & Explore Boats, Water Fun & Things that Float!

Kids can explore a number of science and engineering ideas by trying to build their own boat and playing around with the concept of sink and float. 

How heavy is an item before it sinks?  And what type of materials can be used to make a boat that floats?

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Family Friendly Zoo Visits

One of the most popular attractions for families is the zoo.  I’m not sure if it’s all the curiosity that we have about animal behavior or the fact that most of our kids act like animals so we think they’ll feel at home during their visit 😉

And June is National Zoo Month!  Our last Discover & Explore linky theme was Zoos & Wild Animals and we had some great reviews of family friendly zoos that were shared.

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Books for Summer Fun

Heading to the beach this summer?  Or maybe you’re planning a camp-out?  We’ve got some great reads for you to take along – explore a picture book, bring a chapter book to read aloud or grab a guide book for ideas on games and activities!

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