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8 Indoor Things to Do Outside


Discover the Forest put out a great ad campaign encouraging kids and families to get outside – and we wholeheartedly agree! 

Spring is here and it’s a great time to get outdoors.  Here are a few traditional indoor activities that can easily be transformed into outdoor fun!

1.  Eat a Meal Outside

How about bagels in the backyard for breakfast?  Or snacks while sitting on the sidewalk?  Kids love eating outside so make something easy, grab a blanket or find a picnic table and enjoy NOT having the clean the kitchen when you’re done!

2.  Homework Fun

Try practicing spelling words or math facts with sidewalk chalk.  Have kids do their reading in the hammock or on lying on a beach towel in the yard.  Or take a walk in the evening while you help kids review for a test.

3.  Walk, Don’t Ride

If you’re going someplace close (school, sports practice, the store), take a break from being inside the car – walk instead!

4.  Music to My Ears

Does your child play a portable instrument (violin, guitar, trumpet, etc.)?  Have them do their music practice outside.  Who knows, others may join in for an impromptu concert!

5.  Assign Kids a Job

Most families ask kids to help around the house by cleaning their room, setting the table and the like.  Try assigning an outdoor job/chore – kids can help with raking leaves, watering plants, sweeping the front step or driveway, weeding the garden, etc. 

6.  Read a Book

Got kids home during the day? Grab a book and head outside for story time!  If you normally read a story before bed, bring the kids (pj’s and all) outside for a little fresh air and I’ll bet they’ll sleep better.

7.  Watch a Show

Instead of sitting in front of the tv for a show, head outside and watch the neighbors, watch the kids play, take in the activities of those crazy squirrels, or stargaze.  Or, if you’re so inclined, host your kids’ tv time outside via a portable computer, iPad or iPod.  They may be ‘tied to the tube’ but at least they’ll get some sun and fresh air.

8.  Talk, Text, Connect

Need to call Grandma to say ‘Happy Birthday’?  Kids texting with friends?  Our phones are all portable these days and work great outdoors – so head out to the porch, patio, or backyard and catch up with those you love!

What great ideas do you have for bringing everyday life outside?!