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Summer is officially over and we’re sliding into Fall – my most favorite season of the year! 

And there’s so much to do in the fall (along with yummy new recipes to try – I’m a big baker) so we made a list of festive Fall Activities that I thought I would share with you.

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It’s June, which means sunshine, swimming pools and a special day for Dad!

When is Father’s Day this year?  Don’t worry – you’ve still got time — it’s June 16th.  And for the record, my Dad’s birthday is the same week so I’ve been browsing for some fun and unique gifts for a few of the special men in my life. 

Now, my husband will tell you that the best gift any man could get would be an unlimited supply of bacon (and who am I to argue) but I was thinking of something better than bacon.  I know, there’s probably not much that’s better than bacon but here are a few unique ideas that I think they may enjoy.

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Enjoy these fun indoor & outdoor activities for your next snow day! Like so many others, we are having a ‘snow day’ this week (actually, it’s an ice day today but who knows what tomorrow might bring — my kids are hoping for a repeat performance :). You can’t go out much (really, driving is …

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I’m excited to be part of the affiliate team for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle this year.

It’s a HUGE list of awesome books and resources for one very small price!  And with 78 books in the bundle, you are sure to find at least a dozen that will to simplify life as we approach summer.

If you’ve ever said to yourself — 

“I wish I could get laundry under control!”

“Show me a way to spend less time making meals”

“I need help with our homeschooling activities” or

“I just need to get organized and simplify our family’s life”

BAM! There’s a book for that!

And a whole lot of others too.

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“The Lorax” will be hitting theaters on March 2nd, and what a great way to introduce kids to the topic of ecology!  Take this opportunity to share one of the many messages from Dr. Suess’ story about “The Lorax”:  the long-term consequences of a decision, why we should protect nature, and how one person can help to change the world.

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Kids need to learn so many different things that will help them to grow up and become self-sufficient. There’s some of the biggies – like learning to get dressed and feed yourself – and there’s smaller skills that are very important to – looking someone in the eye when you speak to them, saying ‘thank …

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I’m always so overwhelmed once the school year gets into full swing.  I think it’s coming off of those laid back summer days and then WHAM! — it seems like there’s hardly any time to relax. 

One of our challenges is finding ways to mix things up to keep them fun during the school year.  The same old lunches can get boring very quickly.  Practicing spelling words and math facts is really a struggle unless you have some fun ways to keep the kids engaged. 

This year, I’m thrilled to be part of the Kid Blogger Network Back to School team!  And we are all ready to help you get ready for a great school year with tips on organizing, homework help, school prep and more wonderful resources to help you ease back into school.

And then there’s all those new things the kids want to learn about — they learn a little about pengins in a science lesson and it leads to 50 new questions at dinner.  LOVE the questions but I always like to have time to explore those new topics with the kids WHILE they have that burning interest.

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