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“When Did They Get So Big” Moments

So, what was it for you?

Which moment caused you to stop and say “Where did the time go?” or “I can’t believe that they’ve grown so quickly!”

Sometimes it’s those big moments – their first steps, the first day of Kindergarten or Middle School, when they learn to ride a bike, or the day you hand over the car keys.

And sometimes it’s the little moments – when they learn to tie their shoes, or are able to give you (the correct) directions to a friend’s house.

When they fill out a permission slip for the class field trip and only need your signature, or make breakfast on their own (without spilling milk and juice everywhere).

For me, it’s definitely the little moments — they seem to sneak up on you more (and also make me feel a little ‘less needed’ as a parent).

One day your child is asking you for help buttoning their pants, and the next day they can dress themselves (tying their sneakers and all!). My most recent revelation is that my daughter no longer needs to use a stool when brushing her teeth – she’s tall enough to reach the sink (when did that happen!!!).

So, which moment has thrown you into parenting nostalgia — reminiscing on when they were younger and wondering where the time has gone?