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Explore backyard birds with these activities & crafts that can be done year round! We have always loved outdoor activities as a family and wintertime is no exception. Birds enjoyable for the whole family and unlike so many other animals, they can easily be found thoughout the world — whether you live in a city, …

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Kids will love learning about penguins with these activities, books and lesson plan ideas — you’ll find TONS of information for a unit study or penguin project! Who loves penguins?!  Those adorable and quirky birds are intriguing to so many of us.  Our local zoo just opened it’s new pengin exhibit so we are thrilled …

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Today we’re going to talk about how to help your child increase their attention span. I know, we can all use practice with that, right?  It’s the age we live in — things move so fast and kids don’t have the time they need to process their experiences.  However, that processing time is crucial to …

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One of the most popular activities that I’ve seen on many summer bucket lists is a visit to the zoo!  We can’t wait to head out to spend some time with our local polar bears, giraffes and monkeys this year. 


Great Zoo Books for Kids

For even more fun, we love to read a book before we head out to see our animal friends.  Or better yet, take a book with you on your next zoo visit! 


Here’s a few of our favorite zoo reads for animal fun this summer —

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We are kicking off a new series today and I am SUPER excited! 

For the next six weeks, Trisha from Inspiration Laboratories and I will be featuring a Summer Science Series. 

Each week, we’ll feature a new topic and share books, hands-on activities and share ideas for how to explore the topic at home or around your neighborhood.

Summer Science — yea!  The kids will love this stuff because they are born with the amazing ability to asking all those inquisitive questions —

Why do animals hibernate?

What are clouds made from?

How many stars are in the sky?

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