17 FREE Summer Reading Programs & Book Logs for Kids {with printables}

FREE Summer reading programs and book logs for kids & teens -- earn free books & more!!

As parents, we know that connecting kids with books throughout the summer months is SUCH a good thing. 

Summer reading helps them to keep their vocab and comprehension skills strong so those first weeks back to school are much easier!

But honestly, keeping them reading can be a challenge with all the other fun activities they have going on -- like the pool and friends and s'mores by the fire ... not to mention the availability of technology and the desire to get sticky, dirty and wet any chance they get ;)

Which is why this first post in our 105 Days of Free Summer Fun includes awesome ideas & freebies that will not only inspire your kids to read but also allow us to retain our 'cool Mom/Dad' status without constantly bugging them to pick up a book!


2018 Summer Reading Programs & Book Logs

There are a number of wonderful businesses that offer free books & other reading rewards or incentives for kids who read during the summer. 

In most cases, you'll just need to have your kids track their books on a reading log and then head to the store to exchange it for a free book or other fun things!

I often get a thumbs-up from my kids when I find them free things ;)

We're including some of our favorite summer reading programs along with FREE book logs that offer a variety of challenges & a list of cool places to read all those pages this summer!  We've also included affiliate links to some of our favorite books & items for summer reading too.


2018 Library Reading Programs

First, be sure to sign them up for summer reading at your local library! 

This year's theme is -- Libraries Rock!  which combines reading & music so many libraries will have an overlap of reading & music programming for kids ages preschool thru teenagers.

Popular books like Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! and M is for Melody: A Music Alphabet are perfect stories to add to your summer reading list this year.

Kids & teens can read ANY book they want for the reading programs and libraries will have a paper log or online log where they can record their books (or use one of the free ones below!)

And if you're traveling or also like to have e-books available, download the FREE Kindle Reading app that can be used on almost any phone or tablet!  Then you can quickly pull up a book & encourage some reading no matter where you are this summer ;)

Our kids have earned free books, coupons for ice cream, headphones and entries into some big giveaways (gift cards to a local bookstore and iPad minis)! 

All libraries offer different incentives but most really hit it big over the summer to keep kids of all ages -- toddlers to teens -- reading!

pssttt ... many libraries also offer reading programs for adults too (with prizes!) -- no reason that the kids should have all the fun, right?  So sign yourself up while you're there 'cause you know reading at the pool or beach is gonna happen ;)


2018 free summer reading programs online

Digital to Nature Summer Reading Program

Arbordale Publishing is one of our FAVORITE publishers of kids books!! 

Seriously, they have the best nature & STEM books ever -- including multiple award-winning books like The Rainforest Grew All Around and Water Beds: Sleeping in the Ocean.

And each summer, they offer FREE access to some of their ebooks along with FREE activities for each book!!  One thing I adore about the books offered over the Summer is they are read aloud to your kids and they have cool features like highlighting the words while the story is read and online reading quizzes & challenges kids can do for comprehension.

Your kids will love going on a scavenger hunt, play memory games, keep a bug journal and more fun activities -- plus, all the books are available online which  means you can pull them up on your phone!

If you have an Audible account, you'll have FREE access to more than 50+ of these books through Audible -- including both their English & Spanish titles!

And if you don't yet have an Audible account, you can start a FREE 30 day Audible trial & earn 2 books for free too!


2018 Barnes and Noble summer reading program

image credit: barnesandnoble.com

2018 Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Program

One of the most well known summer reading programs, kids ages 1st - 6th grades can read 8 books this summer and turn in their reading journal for a free book (they have a nice variety of books including picture books, early readers and chapter books).

I love that B&N includes both newer titles (like the Book Scavenger) along with classic books (Ms. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH is one of our all-time faves!) as reading rewards!  So even if your kids are set on reading the same type of books all summer, they are encouraged to 'branch out' to something new when choosing their free item.

The 2018 program runs from May 15th through Sept. 3rd!


2018 half price books summer reading

image credit: halfpricebooks.com

Feed Your Brain at Half Price Books

One of the few summer reading programs for kids & teens of all ages!!

Kids 14 and under can participate in the Feed Your Brain summer reading program in June & July.  Younger kids can be read to while older kids who can read on their own will record their reading time each month.  Download & print the reading log

The best part -- kids & teens earn Bookworm bucks (paper money they can use at a local Half Price Books) so they can buy their favorite books at the store!

If you have teens, encourage them to read one of the featured books & write an online review!  Book bucks are sent to your email account and can be used at your local Half Price Books store.


2018 Scholastic Reading Road Trip

Kids can register to log minutes & unlock rewards on the Scholastic Summer Reading site -- AND you can see if the Reading Road Trip is coming to your city too! 

This year's theme is Harry Potter & a Magical Summer of Reading! 

They have a cool Harry Potter themed certificate that teachers (or parents) can print off and give kids once they reach their reading goals.

The program runs from May 7th - September 7th and has a number of recommended reading lists for kids along with their minutes being logged toward their schools' total which may win the school some prizes too!


Need Summer Reading Ideas?!!  Try these!

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FREE Summer Reading programs and Book Logs for kids and teens!

FREE Summer Book Logs & Reading Lists for Kids

Sometimes kids need a challenge -- nothing HUGE or cumbersome since it's summer.  It inspires them to keep going, read a few more books or even get out of their current reading 'funk'. 

These are all free printable challenges that your kids will enjoy. 

Some of perfect for younger kids while others are a great way for tweens & teens to vary what they're reading.

  • And 3 Dinosaurs has some beautiful weekly reading logs -- great if you homeschool during the summer.


Awesome list of Summer Reading Programs, free book logs for kids and reading incentives!

Summer Reading Ideas

One of the most effective ways to get kids to read during the summer is to offer them super fun reading spots! 

Here's a list of free & fun places that kids will enjoy cuddling up with a book along with affiliate links to a few of our favorite reading items:

And reading doesn't always have to be books either! 

Encourage your kids to read the back of the cereal box, signs at the pool, the flavors of ice cream if you're out for a treat -- reading can happen in lots of places during the summer.

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 Be sure to visit our kick-off post where you'll find a free printable Summer Activity calendar --

The $0 Summer: 105 Free Activities that Make Awesome Memories!



Your kids will also enjoy these free summer scavenger hunts -- just print off the ones that fit your summer outings & have them read the clues they need to find ;)


summer scavenger hunts

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Guest - Christina (website) on Monday, 09 May 2016 13:39

We love our library summer reading program!
I didn't know Half-Price Books has one...Definitely will be checking that one out.

We love our library summer reading program! I didn't know Half-Price Books has one...Definitely will be checking that one out.
Jacquie Fisher (website) on Monday, 06 June 2016 13:34

Yes! The summer program at Half Price Books is one of our faves because it encourages kids of all ages to read (from K - HS) and allows them to choose their own books once they reach the goal. Have a great summer!

Yes! The summer program at Half Price Books is one of our faves because it encourages kids of all ages to read (from K - HS) and allows them to choose their own books once they reach the goal. Have a great summer!
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