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Library Scavenger Hunt for Kids (FREE printable!)

Inspire kids to learn about the Dewey Decimal system with this FREE printable Library Scavenger Hunt!

The library is a magical place for kids!

So many wonderful books holding everything you’ve ever wanted to know — and some things you never knew you wanted to know until you get lost in a book.



Free Printable Library Scavenger Hunt for Non-Fiction Books

But sometimes the library can be a little overwhemling for kids, especially when they are looking for specific information.

Where should I look for books about animals? 

I want to learn a new magic trick – is there a book on that?

Mom, I need to read everything about Greek Myths!

The non-fiction section has a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be discovered!

My kids really enjoy non-ficiton books — especially ones that have beautiful illustrations and engaging text. 

I promise, not all non-fiction books are boring 😉

In order to keep the magic in those library visits, we’re sharing a fun printable to help kids learn how to navigate the Dewey Decimal System and non-fiction section of the library.

The inspiration for our non-fiction adventures comes from Kansas author and illustrator, Brad Sneed.  Brad illustrates both fiction and non-fiction stories and the book we’re sharing today crosses both of those areas.  We’re including affiliate links for each of the books we discuss so you can learn more about them too.


The beautiful book The Boy Who Was Raised by Librarians is a fictional story about a curious young boy who wants to learn as much as he can during his library visits. 

Melvin stops by the library every day after school with many inquisitive ideas and questions.  During his bug project for school, the librarians help him to classify and catalog the insects.  When Melvin gets the part of an eggplant in the school play, the librarians motivate him by reading gardening books.

While reading the story, I recalled all the times we headed to the library to find information in the non-fiction area and was very inspired to create a fun printable for kids. 

There are so many books and topics in this area of the library that it can quickly become overwhelming for young kids


Helping Kids to get to know the Library

While fiction books are organized by author, non-ficiton books are organized by Call Numbers (also called the Dewey Decimal System for the man, Melvil Dewey, who first invented this way of cataloging books).

Use a copy of the Finding Non-fiction Books free printable (get your copy below!) and have the kids find a favorite book for each of the non-fiction sections.

In order to help them become more acquainted with what they can find in this area, we’ve included a few kid-friendly topics they might enjoy looking for in each of the main non-fiction areas.

Looking for a book on your favorite animal?  Head to the 500’s!

Is your family taking a vacation?  Check out the travel books in the 900’s.

Need a few great jokes to tell the family?  Those would be in the 800’s.


Excellent books illustrated by Brad Sneed

Brad is primarily an illustrator who creates colorful drawings and paintings that both draw you into the story and make you smile.  Many of his illustrations focus on rural or farm life as he grew up in western Kansas.

We also featured one of his books a few years ago, The Bravest of Us All, when we shared the science experiment of making your own Tornado in a Jar.

Other great books we’ve enjoyed that are illustrated by Brad Sneed include:

Cock-A-Doodle Doo, Creak, Pop-Pop, Moo

I Heard Said the Bird

Mr. President Goes to School



 Keep the printable handy and have the kids explore a different section each week — before you know it, they’ll be their own junior librarians

 Our host, Jodie at Growing Book by Book will be featuring different sections of the country each day this week and has all 50 posts organized on the main Booking Across the USA page.

So join us for some arm-chair travels as we criss-cross the country today!


 Teaching kids about the Dewey Decimal system


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