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Easter Egg Hunt Clues {with free printable!}

Set up your own DIY Easter Egg Hunt with free printable clues that can be used in any home!

When I was younger, Easter was a big family holiday for us -- lots of people over to the house, a HUGE family dinner and new Easter outfits.

But my favorite part of the whole day was the Easter egg hunt!  I looked forward to it more than the cool stuff in my Easter basket!

My mom would round up a handful of pennies, nickels and dimes (+ one quarter) from my father and distribute the money into a dozen or so plastic eggs. 

Then she would hide them around the house and let my sister, brother & I know they were hidden.

That was all it took -- we would hunt and search like crazy! 

Oh, to find the egg with the quarter (that was a lot of money for a kid way back when ;) 

Now we live far away from our family so Easter is more of a quiet holiday -- no big meal and it's  just our immediate family but every year, I do an egg hunt for our kids.   

No matter how old they are, or how cold it is or even if we attend an egg hunt at church first -- we still have our family egg hunt at home because I know things like this will build fond memories for them.

So I thought we'd share a super easy Easter Egg Hunt that you can do at your house! 

We have the clues all set up for you along with a few details on how to make it easy for younger kids or nice and challenging for the tweens & teens ;)


Easter Egg Hunt with freeprintable set of clues!

Easter Egg Hunt w/Free Printable Clues

Since I wanted to be sure that anyone could use this Easter Egg Hunt at home (or at Grandma's house if you're celebrating there), I created fairly generic clues. 

And they can easily be used more than once if you want to have multiple egg hunts.  In addition to sharing the free printable list of clues below, I've also included affiliate links for some items that we use in our egg hunts.


 Easter Egg Hunt w/free printable clues!

Setting up Your Easter Egg Hunt

You can use this hunt with just the free printable clues or you can tuck those clues inside a set of plastic Easter eggs. 

I like to include the clues in a plastic egg along with adding a treat to a few of the eggs for an extra bonus.

In addition to money (coins), we've also used the following items as egg treats:

→ small pieces of candy

→ fun little toys like these Safari Ltd Zoo Baby figures or these Shopkins characters

→ mini erasers

Personalized Easter Egg Coupons

Note:  the last clue should lead to a place where you'll hide a treat, Easter Basket or something that will show then that they've found the 'treasure'.


If you're using plastic eggs, tuck one clue in each egg (along with any treats you also plan to use).

You can see from the descriptions that the clues can be hidden in plain sight or you can make it tough for older kids and really hide them! 

For example, the clue for "go look in a shoe" -- younger kids will go right to their own shoes so that's a great spot if you have a preschooler. 

For older kids, have them hunt a little -- is it in your shoe?  Dad's shoe? 

We have like a bazillion pairs of shoes in our house and while most of them are usually left lying around in the front hallway, some are actually put away in the closet (imagine that!) so I could easily make that one a little challenging.


Easter Egg Hunt w/free printable clues!
Hiding the Eggs & Clues

The next thing I LOVE about these clues is that you can hide them in ANY order you'd like!

Just remember to put them IN YOUR ORDER before you hide them :)

 Here's what I mean --

If the first egg you give your kids says "go look in a shoe", decide which clue will be in the shoe -- let's say the one you want to use next is "peek behind a door".  Put the "peek behind the door" clue in the shoe and then head to a door to hide your next clue.

See what I mean?

So once you cut out the clues, you can arrange them in any order you like; just pretend you're doing the hunt when you hide the clues.

This also makes the hunt one that you can do multiple times because you can switch up the order of the clues so easily!


Inside the Egg Ideas

I mentioned a few of the items we have used in our egg hunts above (money, Easter coupons, etc) but wanted to give you some additional ideas.

If you'd like to put something IN your eggs, try these ideas:

  • Hide these Easter Egg stampers inside a half-dozen of the eggs and then leave some blank sheets of paper with your last clue and your kids can have fun making pictures.
  • Tear out one of the puzzles from this Easter Mad Libs pad, fold it up and include them in a few of the eggs when you hide the clues.
  • Other small toys like LEGOs, Matchbox cars, animal figures or even Easter nail decals are always fun to find.

Or, as an alternative, you can hide all the eggs and clues to lead to one fun item at the end -- for example, a fun Easter book would be a great find!  Here are a few of our favorites:

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett - her illustrations are always amazing!

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes -- a classic with a great message!

Richard Scarry's I am a Bunny -- an adorable book that takes the reader through the seasons!


Easter Egg Hunt w/free printable clues!

Making the Egg Hunt a Challenge

Ok, I already told you about our shoe trick (it's almost never in their own shoes now that they're older). Since the clues are generic, you're able to use that same principle with quite a few of them.

For example, peek behind a door -- how many doors do you have in your house?  This could keep them searching for quite a while!  And if you want to get really sneaky with older kids, think kitchen cabinet doors, garage doors, car doors :)

Here are a few other ideas for increasing the challenge:

Use "your next clue was thirsty" but think about what you use when you're thirsty -- a glass?  a mug?  Do you have soda stored in the pantry? 

If you have book lovers in the house, the clue that loves to read will definitely keep them searching if you hide it BEHIND the books :)

Another great one is "the next clue is sleepy" -- for those pint-sized hunters, think about hiding it in plain sight like on the bed or resting on a pillow.  For tweens and teens, I would put it in a pillow case or tuck it under the sheets of a bed. 

(Warning to Egg Hunters:  Anything you take apart when looking for clues needs to be put back together ;)

So many ways to keep them looking for a looooong time if you need it!



Have fun with it! 

This is one of those hunts that your kids can do more than once since you can change the order of the clues and there are usually multiple hiding places around the house. 

And if you have older kids who read, they can easily set this up for younger siblings and cousins too.

If you're looking for other ideas to keep the kids busy on Easter, visit our 70 Free Easter & Spring Printables too!


Have a wonderful Easter!

 ~ Jacquie





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