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Incorporate favorite Fall themes and activities for preschool, kindergarten & elementary kids to inspire learning and exploration this Autumn! Kids can have very definite likes and desires when it comes to acquiring new knowledge even at a young age.  As many people say “they are just a sponge waiting to soak up all that knowledge”! …

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Well, it’s that time of year again – back to school! I know many kids have mixed feelings about starting a new school year and some are a little anxious about moving up a grade.  Try reading a few books (or having older kids read themselves) about the grade they are about to enter.

Here’s a list of fun books to read at the end of summer (from Preschool thru Middle School) before kids start in their new classroom.

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A FREE back to school checklist for parents to help cover all the obvious and obscure things that need to be done before your kids head back to class! There are always SO MANY things to get done before school begins, aren’t there?! Shopping for school supplies just seems second nature to us but all …

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Most of us do not like to see Summer end!  The kids don’t want to head back to school yet and as a parent, I’m just not ready for all the schedules and activities to begin. 

We try to eek out as much Summer fun as we can during August.

Not only do we do some big time celebrating before school begins but we also continue to plan some fun days and activities thoughtout the month (taking advantage of the longer days this month).

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Many thanks to Hallmark for sponsoring this post and helping to create communities where all children have the chance to grow up as healthy, productive & caring persons.  All book choices and thoughts are mine alone.   Today’s book list was inspired by a young lady who fights for quality education for all children around …

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