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12 Items Too Cool for School

Want to make Back to School a big hit in your house? 

We know it’s all about the gear, right!

Here are a few fun & helpful items that will thrill the kids as they head into a new school year!



12 Back to School Items Kids will Adore!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite items for back to school!  Things that will inspire the kids to help make lunches, do their homework and even get up on time!  We’re also including affiliate links are included for your information so you can easily get ready for the school year too.

Make Lunches Fun



That peanut butter and jelly sandwich ranks a little higher with these adorable Lunch Punch Sandwich Cutters in Whimsical Shapes!  Nothing says fairy tale lunch like a princess & the frog sandwich.  Or use these fun Transportion Shaped Sandwich Cutters and the food will be flying into their mouths.  Bonus: many of these shape cutters remove the crust at the same time if you have a really picky eater.


And lunch boxes are so much more fun these days too.  Take this Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Box with Lights and Sounds!  Yep, it’s a lunchbox!  The force is definately with you on this one 😉  


We have been making a concerted effort to find reusable items for lunches — less plastic bags are much friendlier for the environment!  So last year, we purchased a few great containers for lunches and they’ve worked great!  Make sure to get one that’s large enough for the type of sandwich you will normally send with the kids.  The Fit & Fresh Lunch on the Go Container Set with Removable Ice Pack is a nice set that comes with a way to keep the food cooler in their lunchbox.  And smaller containers are nice for cut up fruit and veggies.


Getting Up & Out the Door



Getting a good night’s sleep is a must on school nights (or any night for that matter!)  Now even young kids can learn how to tell when they can get out of bed with the American Innovative Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight.  This clock has a setting that will turn the clock green when it’s time to get up!  And as kids are learning to tell time, they are able to see both the clock hands and the digital time to help them make that connection.


A backpack is a must for all kids!   And one of my kids all time faves was a backpack on wheels!  Those bags can get pretty heavy at the end of a long school day so try this Disney Frozen Rolling Backpack or the Spiderman Rolling Backpackif you have a ‘superhero’ in the house!

And a backpack that doesn’t look like everyone else’s when it’s hanging in the coatroom rack is a great thing!  This Skip Hop ZooPenguin Backpack and Lunchie combo which is just the perfect size for younger kids.

And the big tip is ALWAYS pack your backpack the night before!  Saves so much time in the morning 🙂



Not every day will be sunny so be prepared with some rain gear.  This Pirate Raincoat from Kidorable will be a big hit — when the kids put up the hood, there’s an eye patch they can wear over one eye!  They also have ladybug, fairy, fireman and kitty themed rain jackets, boot and umbrellas.


Super School Supplies



Learning to write can be a tricky thing.  And sometimes kids will find odd ways to hold their pencil.  I speak from experience!  To help them adjust to holding a thinner object, you can use an item like The Pencil Grip Ergonomic Writing Aid.  This will allow kids to understand where their fingers should be as they hold the pencil.  Plus they are colorful and fun to hold!


Having a clipboard for kids to use to complete homework is a handy item at home — especially if you are always in your car afterschool like many families.  This allows the kids to finish their spelling or math worksheets while you’re driving to sports practices. 

It’s also nice if they aren’t able to be seated at a table or desk because it provides a sturdy surface.  This Teacher Created Resources Clipboard from Wyland has a beautiful background that kids will love!



One of the school supplies I’ve learned not to skimp on is a good pair of scissors!  The kids will cut a lot in preschool and elementary school.  My goal was to buy items I could REUSE each year so that I wouldn’t have to spend tons of time at back to school shopping. 

These Westcott Soft Handle Kids Scissors with Microban Protection are perfect — blunt edge, soft handles, easy to hold and use — plus they come in a variety of colors so the kids can choose their favorite.  Don’t forget to label them with your child’s name before the first day of classes!


Unlike scissors, no matter how many dry erase markers you send each year, you’ll always need more.  So many classrooms use dry erase boards for writing and math practice — and the teacher’s need them for the classroom boards too (no more chalk dust for our kids!) 

I’m sure your supply list will ask for black or blue to be sent to school — but I also like to get the multi-colors because we use them at home for fun writing activities (and some teachers are cool and won’t care what color you bring for personal use).  Try the Expo Low Odor Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers for less mess and less odor.  And don’t waste your money on an eraser — just send an old sock!


Ideas for Home Organization


We bought an art porfolio after my son’s third year in school and we still have it 10 years later!  It’s chocked full of great drawings, artwork and special items that he and I both wanted to keep.  The ALEX Oversized, Expandable Accordion Style Art Portfolio is perfect because it’s oversized (meaning it will fit all those huge pictures the kids bring home) and there are a lot of compartments.  I store artwork by season/holiday so that we can display it when we decorate each year.  



The kitchen table will only serve as a work space for so long — by the time they are in 2nd grade, kids really need a dedicated area where they can do homework, keep school books and have a spot all their own.  Choose a kid-size desk that they can grow with for at least a few years.  We found a gorgeous old vintage school desk at our local antique shop! 

This Lipper International Child’s Chalkboard Desk and Chair is a nice option with a storage area and chalkboard top for doodling while they work.  There are so many choices available for work spaces that will fit your budget and home decor.


Looking to get Organized before School begins?

Be sure to grab the free printable Ultimate Back to School checklist!

Or maybe you’re hoping for less chaotic mornings?  Print the Breakfast Planner for easy weekly meal planning on school mornings!

And I highly recommend the Makeover Your Mornings e-course! 

It really helped me to think about what I want to achieve early in the day and gave me TONS of free printables & ideas on how to get organized! 

It’s only 15 minutes a day and is perfect for helping you tame the chaos that happens with back to school time.


What items do you love for back to school?



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