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A great list of Thanksgiving books about being thankful & funny Thanksgiving stories! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays — a time to talk about gratitude (try these free printable Family Conversation Starters that focus on gratitude & thankfulness!) and  celebrate why we’re thankful. And it’s nice to have extra time to spend with …

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So, you’ve got the turkey ordered, your guest list is all set and you know what you’re making for dessert.  But have you thought about Thanksgiving activities for the kids? 

Not to worry – we’ve got a great list of Kids Activities for Thanksgiving! 

They’re creative, easy & engaging. 

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Most of us do not like to see Summer end!  The kids don’t want to head back to school yet and as a parent, I’m just not ready for all the schedules and activities to begin. 

We try to eek out as much Summer fun as we can during August.

Not only do we do some big time celebrating before school begins but we also continue to plan some fun days and activities thoughtout the month (taking advantage of the longer days this month).

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Welcome to this week’s linky where we will Discover and Explore Space Exploration! Kids are always very intrigued by what they see in the sky and can be captivated as you tell them about rockets, astronauts and the far reaches of the universe. Many of us adults grew up at a time when space exploration …

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Kids love to hear stories – ask any child and I’ll bet they tell you that one of their favorite parts of their day is read-aloud and storytime! 

Listening to a book helps kids to develop better concentration and listening skills, engages their imagination, increases their vocabulary and enhances their desire to be a reader as they grow.

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I’m so excited that we are finally seeing some spring weather!  We are so past due – and it’s cutting into our gardening schedule. 

I’ll admit, I am not one of those amazing Martha Stewart-type gardeners, but I really do enjoy having a small backyard garden each summer.  The kids and I choose a few favorite plants along with some new items to try each year and then we get dirty, watch the plants grow and reap the harvest (literally!)

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