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I am stoked about our Discover & Explore theme this week — Kids Lit & Book Activities (woohoo!) 

Some people get excited when they win a prize or find money in the couch — I get excited about books 🙂

As a lover of kids lit, I adore finding ways to connect crafts, activities and real-life experiences to books.  We use them when we travel, when we want to explore a new topic, as a way to stretch our creative thinking — there are so many possibilities.

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Birthday season is coming for our family. 


Well, make that Birthday Season for everyone in my family BUT me. 

I celebrated my special day last month – super great day!  The kids made me pancakes and I didn’t have to run one errand all day long (now that’s a birthday).

So Spring is my time to focus on creating special days for my family.

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I’m a list-making kind of girl.  Pen and paper for me (my tech-saavy teen thinks I’m so old school!) 

And every January, I have a penchant for making booklists!

We love reading at our house and are always visiting the library, looking for new books to devour.  So I’ve found that having a list really helps.  I have a list for myself and also encourage the kids to add to it so I know what books they’re dying to read.

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I am being compensated by Bookboard for sharing my thoughts on their digital library.  As always, all opinions are my own — I only share programs that we really love and can highly recommend!

Last month, we signed up for a free trial on Bookboard, a digital library for our iPad. 

And this month, I’m sharing all the details so you can get your own FREE trial subscription for this wonderful service!

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