Valentine's Day Science Card & Activities {free printable!}

Enjoy these no-candy, free printable Valentine's Day Volcano card & science activities that your kids will LOVE!

So here's my thing with Valentine's Day (well, actually two things)...

First, the store-bought, pre-packaged card sets that have 24 valentines to a box -- It. Drives. Me. Nuts!


Well, my kids haven't had 24 kids in their class EVER.  So every year, I'm stuck buying two boxes in order to accomodate the 26 or so friends in the class.

And second, I'm not a fan of yet another candy holiday -- I mean, I just got my family back on the eating-healthier bus after Christmas (and believe me, it's not always easy to get them back on track if you know what I mean ;)

So today, I'm going to solve BOTH of these problems with this FREE printable Valentine Volcano activity & card set!


Valentine's Day Activities {w/free printable!}

I mentioned last year when we shared our round-up of adorable (and free) printable Valentine cards for kids that I'm more of a geek when it comes to Valentine's Day -- cute & sappy is definately not our thing.

But you know how kids ALWAYS want to include something fun when they hand out their valentines, right? 

Well, I thought a science experiment as a valentine would be a great combination of fun + geeky + a little learning too :)

These are PERFECT for your kids to give to friends, for you to give to your kids or if you're a teacher, a great in-class Valentine's Day activity for your students to do!

This is super easy to put together and kids really enjoy measuring out the ingredients for the volcano mixture -- not to mention, making a few 'explosions' as you work. 

This activity is also included in our full Valentine Scavenger Hunt & Activities Pack for Kids too!  And we're including affiliate links to items we recommend for this activity below to help you get this all ready for that class party.


DIY Valentine's Day Volcano Cards & Science Activity

First, print off the set of three Valentine toppers (you can get them below) -- we used white cardstock paper because it's a little more sturdy than regular paper but both will work. 

We've included 3 fun sayings on the Valentine toppers:

A Valentine Volcano because I LAVA you!

Have an ERUPTING good time with this Valentine Volcano!

A Valentine Volcano because our friendship is EXPLOSIVE!


The toppers are two-sided with the valentine greeting on the front side and the directions for making the volcano on the back side of the valentine topper so the recipient will know exactly what to do.

Once you print off the number you need, just fold them in half so there is a front and back side.


The printable file also includes the recipe for the Volcano Mix -- you'll need the following items:

The lemonade mix is optional as the experiment will work without it BUT having it adds a little pink color to your Valentine mix and also makes it smell yummy! 

Measure out the ingredients into a plastic bag.  Then tape or staple the Valentine topper to the top of the bag!


If you're including just the volcano mixture in the bag, I would use a snack-size zippered plastic bag.

You can even include a small paper or plastic cup with your mixture (if you use 9 oz red paper cups, it will all fit in a zippered sandwich bag).  You can see we included a cup in the middle bag in the photo above.


All that the recipient will need to do is add a little vinegar to the mixture and WHAM!

Instant Valentine Volcano :)

We used a pink plastic champagne flute when we created ours just for fun.


Download your own set of the FREE printable Valentines & enjoy a little science activity this month!!


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