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33 FREE Non-Candy Valentine Cards for Kids

Fun ideas for creative no-candy Valentine’s Day cards & ideas for kids!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

For kids, there’s always excitement about giving sentimental (or funny) cards to their friends & family.  We’ve always loved the creative valentine cards for classmates that double as a fun activity — a coloring page, game to play or have some adorable non-candy item attached that my kids then treasure and use for the rest of the school year.

So today we’ve rounded-up some of the BEST free printable Valentine card ideas for YOU!

 Non Candy Valentine Ideas for kids and class parties

33 Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Cards

Even though I love a good piece of chocolate and enjoy those candy heart games, variety is the spice of life!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the candy!

Take our Valentine Scavenger Hunt & Activities Pack for Kids — all fun activities that kids LOVE without the sugar high 😉

These non-candy Valentine cards are great to give to classmates and friends — print off one you love and add to snacks, science experiments that kids can do, bookmarks, word games and a few more creative surprises!


Non-Candy Valentine Ideas & ‘Treats’

Remember, there are quite a few edible treats you can attach to cards for something extra — mini packs of fruit snacks, pretzels, raisins, applesauce pouches, granola bars, small water bottles, etc.

If you’re looking for fun but inexpensive items to attach to your valentines, here are a few we’ve given over the years that have been a BIG hit with friends along with affiliate links to each:

PLUS, more creative ideas –> 35 Non-Candy Valentine Treats for Kids too!!

Now browse all the cool FREE cards below, choose the ones your kids like best, print what you need and spread some love!


Free Printable Science & STEM Valentines

These cards are perfect for a little ‘nerdy’ fun and many would be a great gift for teachers to give to students too!

Valentine Volcano cards & Science Activity || Edventures with Kids

Printable Science Valentine Cards || Little Bins for Little Hands

Heart Tangram Valentine Cards || JDaniel4’s Mom

LEGO Heart Valentines || Schooling a Monkey

LEGO Valentines || Thrifty Jinxy


Animal Valentine Cards for Kids

So many animals!  Kids can choose cute, quirky or scary 😉

Farm Animal Valentine Finger Puppets || Wondermom Wannabe

Giraffe Valentine Cards || Midwestern Moms

Penguin Valentines || The Letters of Literacy

Llama Valentine Cards || Artsy-Fartsy Momma

Adorable Animal Valentines || Artsy Momma

Animal Themed Valentine Cards || Homeschool Preschool

Shark Valentines || Crafts on Sea

Preschool Animals Valentine Cards || Natural Beach Living


Free Printable Book Lover & Movie Fan Valentines

Got a book or movie fan at your house?  Try one of these!  Or if you’re a teacher & have the budget, add one of the bookmarks to a book for your students!

Printable Valentine Bookmarks || Growing Book by Book

Harry Potter Valentines || The Quiet Grove

Valentine’s Day Bookmarks || For Modern Kids

Star Wars Valentines || Real Life at Home

Star Wars Valentines || Everyday Savvy


Free Printable Non-Candy Snack Valentines

Each of these cards has been created to add to an edible ‘treat’ — that’s not candy!

Goldfish Valentine Cards || One Creative Mommy

Water Bottle Valentines || Books and Giggles

Cute Kids Applesauce Pouch Valentines || The Search for Imperfection


Creative Coloring & Game Cards

Just attach a pack of crayons or a set of colored pens or pencils to these for a fun valentine surprise!

Valentine’s Day I-Spy || Simple Play Ideas

Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards || Artsy Craftsy Mom

Color Your Heart Out || Crystal and Co.


More Free No Candy Valentines

Washi Tape Bubble Valentines || Moneywise Moms

Bouncy Ball Valentine || Capri +3

Retro Robot Valentines || Lemon Lime Adventures

Non-Candy Valentine Cards || Happy Family Blog

Straw Valentine Printable || Ruffles and Rain Boots

Superhero Valentines || Spaceships and Laser Beams

You can also give your kids this free printable Valentine Scavenger Hunt or these free Valentine Coupons for Kids as a way to tell them time together is special!

PLUS check out last year’s set of 17 Creative & Free Valentine Ideas too for more fun ideas!


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