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Kids need to learn so many different things that will help them to grow up and become self-sufficient. There’s some of the biggies – like learning to get dressed and feed yourself – and there’s smaller skills that are very important to – looking someone in the eye when you speak to them, saying ‘thank …

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During November, we will be sharing a number of ways that kids can learn about gratitude and share ideas for giving to others.  I’m thrilled to be part of the #SimpleGiving Champions for Kids campaign sponsored through Collective Bias® and to share my ideas about how families can support local schools and children this month.

Giving to others is such an important life lesson.  And as parents, it’s up to us to model and teach this skill to our kids. 

No pressure really, kids have this amazing gift of knowing when to reach out to others.  I see it all the time when a young child gives someone a hug or kiss, when friends at school help others to carry their heavy backpacks or in the excitement you see on a child’s face when they’ve made a special picture or gift and just can’t wait to bless the recipient with their wonderful work.

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It’s back to school time!  It’s always a mix of feelings at this time of year — excitment for new classes and seeing friends again, adjustment to school bedtimes and schedules, and a little mourning for the carefree days of summer. 

I’m excited to be linking up with a group of great kid bloggers so we can share our back-to-school ideas with you!  Below you’ll find some fun ways for both kids & parents to get excited about the new school year.

Getting Involved at School

As a parent, I always look for different ways that I might get involved at my child’s school.  When the kids were very young, it was easy to volunteer in the classroom and at school events. 

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