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Best App for Organizing Your Kids’ Activities & Team Sports

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I am all about finding ways to make life easier when it comes to organzing the kids’ activities and sports schedules!

This is one area that we can all agree has changed BIG TIME since we were kids — there are so many more opportunities for our kids to get involved with sports teams, scouting, drama, science clubs and the list goes on. 

Of course, we all want our kids to have these fun experiences as teamwork teaches them a lot of great life skills but that does mean that Mom and Dad need to find a way to manage the carpool, coaching commitments, snack sign-ups and game schedules (which can sometimes get overwhelming).

But not any more!  Wait until you see this amazing free app that allows you to organize your child’s sports teams, scouting groups and even family vacations!




The Best Way to Organize Kids’ Activities & Sports Teams

Both my husband and I have been involved in our kids activities over the years — from coaching their basketball teams to leading their scouting troops and everything in between.  And every year, I feel that there’s this flurry of emails & texts from coaches, parents and the school with reminders of game schedules, when snacks are needed, dates and locations of group events — just SO MUCH INFORMATION!

Honestly, it’s the one part of sports and activities that pushes me to the edge because inevitably I miss something important since everything isn’t located in one place.

But that’s all about to change with TeamSnap! 

TeamSNAP is both an app and a website that allows parents & coaches to organize and manage everything you need to do with a sports team and kids’ activities such as Girl Scouts or the cast of that play your child just joined!

Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) can be kept in one place — contact information, schedules, snack sign-ups, game locations, player availability, uniform details and so much more!


Best app to organize kids activities and team sports


First, sign up at the TeamSnap website for download the app which is available for both iPhone and iOS (yea!) 

You can register up to 30 members on your team for free (you all know how much I love that!) and right now, TeamSnap is offering a FREE upgrade for four months so our readers to try it out this season!


Best App to Organize Kids' Activities and Sports Teams

The first thing you’ll want to do is enter your ‘Team’s’ details:

If you’re coaching or managing a sports team, enter the details for each player and their family.

If you’re a scout leader, stage Mom helping to manage a play or teacher who’s coordinating a club — just think of them as your ‘team’!



Once you add each player’s or family’s details, the app will send out an invite for your team to join you!  Each team member will receive an email with a quick intro video and details on how to sign up in 30 seconds or less (so easy to do!)  Then everyone on the team will be able to see schedules and communicate with team members.

That last one is key for me — communicate with team members! 

Do you know how much time I’ve had to spend searching through emails about who’s bringing snacks when and which game time changed on what date??!! 

Chaos be gone! 🙂


Best App for Organizing Kids' Activities and Sports Teams


If you register for one of the upgraded plans (remember you can get 4 months free with this special offer!), team members can sign up for snacks and put in their child’s availability for games — no chasing people down to see who’s going to be out of town and whether we’ll have enough players for a game!  It’s so easy to see when you need to send snacks or items with your child and be able to plan ahead for it.

If you’re coaching or managing the group, you can also track payments or anything else you need to track (like who handed in their sports physical forms!)

There’s even a place to upload media for the team — photos or videos! It’s a great way to share team photos or great shots you may have of other players during a game — no worries if you don’t know all the parents, now you can share the pictures in a team area.

The Shared Media area is awesome for my daughter’s drill team because sometimes the coaches need to put up a practice video for their next dance and of course, you don’t want those things floating around YouTube so this is the perfect option for a way to keep those photos & vidoes private for only the team! 


 Organize family reunions too

TeamSnap would also be great for your next family reunion or trip! 

No more trying to coordinate where/when/who will be arriving and what everyone will do while you’re on vacation — just enter all the details into TeamSnap, invite family members and everyone you’ll spend more time enjoying and less time organizing your crew!


Try it out for your child’s team or group and see how much time you can save (and how much less frazzled you’ll feel knowing things are now organized for you)!



Sign up NOW for the four month FREE trial period for upgraded features! (valued at $72.00)


 Organize Sports Teams & Kids' Activities



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