Theme Week: Autumn Equinox


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Fall is a wonderful season to explore the outdoors.  Kids can learn about nature through the skills of observation and discovery during this season.

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Fall Art Project for Kids: Textured Pumpkin Patch

Create this Pumpkin Patch craft using a textured art technique with items from around the house!

We had a great time with our September activitiy for the Online Kids Book Club.  The author of the month is Lois Ehlert and (after reading quite a few options :), we decided to read the story "Boo To You".  

The first thing we noticed (and LOVED) about this book was the depth and texture in the illustrations.  The author uses a variety of items to create the pictures including different types of paper, items from nature and photos of harvest items.

This inspired us to think about how we could create a seasonal piece of textured art!

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Weekly Kids Co-op: Fall Fun

Fall is right around the corner and we've got some great activities, crafts and books for you to enjoy with the kids!

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17 Fun Fall Activities


17 Fun Fall Activities


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When's the last time your kid looked under a rock? 

Fall is the perfect time to be outdoors and enjoy the foliage, the weather and time with each other! 

Grab the kids and head out on a new fall adventure....

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Join the Online Book Club for Kids

I'm so excited to be joining more than 20 other kid bloggers to host a virtual (online) book club for kids!  Really, it's a book club for families - a great way to introduce kids to wonderful authors, quality books and fun activities.

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It's the Weekly Kids Co-op

Welcome to the Weekly Kids Co-op -- a great place to find kids activities, crafts and fun things to do!

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DIY Halloween Countdown Calendar

Countdown the days to Halloween with this DIY calendar and some great activity ideas!

My kids just LOVE countdown calendars!  

"How many more days until..." -- it's always so much easier to wait if you have something fun to do :-)  

So, a few years ago, we created a countdown calendar for Halloween.  And it's been such a great addition to our yearly traditions!


Well, fall gets a little busy and the kids just love to do fallish and Halloween themed activities.  So this has been the perfect way to "get all my ducks in a row" so to say (or should I say 'pumpkins in a row').

Here's the details on how we created the countdown along with some of our activities and affiliate links for items you can use to make one of your own this year!

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New Ideas to Inspire You This Fall

 I love Autumn!  It's my favorite season - cool days, beautiful colors, fun things to do with the kids and a great time to enjoy nature!

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A Family Vacation in Rocky Mountain National Park


Have you ever thought about visiting a national park? 

We've visited quite a few local and state parks - all beautiful -- but nothing compares to our visit at Rocky Mountain National Park this summer!

I was so enthralled with the beauty of the park, the abundance of wildlife and the amazing back-to-nature connection that our family experienced, I feel compelled to share our visit in the hopes that you too will consider a trip to one of our national parks!

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The Weekly Kids Co-op

Welcome to the Kid's Co-op!  A great place to find new ideas for kids activities, crafts and adventures from bloggers around the world.  I love the diversity of the posts that we get each week, and it's so fun to see what everyone's been doing with the kids.  

Here's a few brilliant ideas from last week's round-up:

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If Your Child Breaks a Bone


This is one of those posts that, as a parent, I hope you never have to use.  I hope you can file it away on a Pinterest board or in a favorites menu and never have to use it.  In all honesty, I wish I didn't have to write it. 

My son has another broken bone this summer.  It's his 5th fracture in 2 years. (Oh, and my daughter was also in a cast last summer).

Yes, we've had him tested - for calcium deficiency, for Vitamin D deficiency, for brittle bone disease -- you name it and they ran a test, checked the scans and referred to multiple physicians.  But the only answer we have is that "he's growing quickly and the bones haven't filled in yet".  Not much comfort to any of us right now.

My main reason for writing this post is to let other parents know what we've learn about living with casts.

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10 Ways to Connect with Kids in 15 Minutes or Less


School is starting again which means less family time during the week.  Somtimes it's hard to get kids to talk about their day, or just talk in general!  

Try one of these ideas for sparking a conversation and connecting with kids!

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5 Great Ways to Get Involved at Your Child's School

It's back to school time!  It's always a mix of feelings at this time of year -- excitment for new classes and seeing friends again, adjustment to school bedtimes and schedules, and a little mourning for the carefree days of summer. 

As a parent, I always look for different ways that I might get involved at my child's school.  When the kids were very young, it was easy to volunteer in the classroom and at school events.

Now that they're older, there is less of a need for classroom helpers and honestly, the kids don't want their Mom tagging along on all the field trips any longer :)

So, I've found a number of other ways that parents might choose to be involved at their child's school --


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23 Must See Movies Before Your Visit to Walt Disney World

Put a few of these must-see Disney movies on your list for family movie night before your next trip to Disney World!

Is a visit to Walt Disney World in your future? 

Lucky you! 

My parents have retired in Florida so we have been blessed to visit the parks a few times. 

The first time we climbed into the Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse and sailed the raft to Tom Sawyer's Island, my kids were confused.  They hadn't seen either of the movies and once I explained they were 'live action', the kids were surprised to know there were non-animated Disney movies!

Our family movie nights expanded to include some of the older, non-animated features that I enjoyed as a child and quickly became family favorites.

So before you head off to enjoy 'the happiest place on Earth', there are a few must-see Disney movies (along with some non-Disney movies) that will help to enhance your visit to the parks!

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Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Science

Kids seem to always be asking questions --

How many stars are in the sky? 

Why is the weather so hot? 

How do animals know what to do when it gets cold outside? 


Believe it or not, even young children are able to understand some basic scientific concepts. 

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