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 The holidays are so much fun, but can also be so busy.  And I know there are things my kids love to do at this time of the year (and also activities they'd rather skip in lou of more holiday fun)!


For kids, something as simple as playing a holiday game together or building a snowman is what makes it a 'jolly time of year' for them. 


In order to give my daughter more of a voice during the busy weeks ahead, I created a set of Holiday Coupons that she can use for her favorite activities.

While there are many actvities that we do together this month, they are usually planned for ahead of time.  The holiday coupons are for items that we may not 'schedule' -- for example, having a pj day or watching a holiday special -- things that I know she enjoys and would love to do.




Holiday coupons can be hand-written on festive paper or printed up on your computer.  Here's a free printable set of coupons for the ones shown above in case you'd like a few quickies to get you started!

Or use the fronts of old holiday cards by cuttng out part of the picture to use as the coupon and printing the activity on the back.


Here's a list of ideas for everyday activites kids will enjoy:

  • Spend the day in your pj's
  • Choose your favorite holiday book to be read by your favorite person
  • Spend the afternoon outside in the snow
  • Make some hot cocoa in the middle of the day
  • Check out the holiday lights (walk or ride, your choice)
  • Play a card game or board game
  • Help Mom or Dad wrap holiday gifts for someone
  • Dance to Christmas music in the living room
  • Help to open any Christmas cards that come in the mail this week
  • Let's bundle up and go to a playground
  • Wear your Santa hat while we run errands today!
  • Make some paper snowflakes
  • Homework's much more fun with a candy cane in a cup of cocoa!
  • Watch your favorite holiday movie with the family
  • Help to put the stamps on and mail the Christmas cards

Remember that many times, it's the little things that kids remember about the holidays.  So, relax and let your child take the lead in some of the fun this holiday!

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maggy Friday, 14 December 2012 · Edit Reply

Oooh lovely ideas, thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


Dana Wednesday, 04 December 2013 · Edit Reply

saw these on pinterest and loved the idea. Is there a pdf someone can download or print - they are so cute.

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Guest Monday, 01 September 2014

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