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5 Things I Want My Kids to Love (and Learn) in November


I love the month of November! 


I know that most kids think it’s just the time between Halloween and the beginning of the holiday season, but for me it’s a great time to be thankful for a number of things. 

 But I hope as my kids get older, they too begin to appreciate some of the following:


A Fondness for Food

Not looking forward to gorging yourself at a meal, but the love for the traditions that go with food. 

I want my kids to learn about the favorite family dishes that we only have at the holidays. I hope they will continue to try new foods and also helping me in the kitchen (whether that’s baking cookies, learning to cook turkey soup, or adding marshmallows to the yams – having fun in the kitchen is a must during November).

Contributing to Community

I want my kids to understand why we need to thank our Veterans. 

I want them to recognize that no matter how old they are, or how much money they have, there is always a way to help others:  bringing canned goods to the school food drive, helping a neighbor rake leaves or donating warm coats & mittens for those in need. 

I want them to realize that there is community all around them and supporting each other is important – at home, at school, at church, with their friends, coaches, teammates, youth leaders, etc.


Time with Family

I feel like we have so little of this lately.  But November holds some promise for me – fall activities have wrapped up, winter celebrations are not quite started, and all those extra holiday events and school activities usually come in December. 

November is a time to catch up with each other and enjoy one another’s company.


Enjoying Nature

I know the temperatures are cooler but that’s why I think November is a great time to get outside — enjoy the brisk weather, the beautiful autumn colors, and the fresh smell in the air.  

An Appreciation of History

I use to hate history as a kid!  I always thought ‘old stuff was boring’.  But now that I’m older (wink!), I want to make history more relevant and entertaining for my kids. 

I want them to see how we learn from the past and why we should appreciate what those before us have accomplished.

What do you love about November?  Share with me (and your kids)!

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