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  Today we’re featuring our book/activity idea for the Poppins Book Nook, a monthly book club that introduces new books and hands-on fun for your kids.  This month’s theme is Dinosaurs and we’ll be connecting with a number of fun blogs that will each share a dinosaur book & project you can try at home. …

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We are joining our book loving friends today as the Poppins Book Nook heads to Ancient Greece!

There’s something so intriguing about traveling into the past.  We’ve loved exploring the some of the ancient cultures and customs of past societies but especially Ancient Greece.  My daughter is a huge fan of Percy Jackson and knows all the myths by heart (I am schooled weekly on some of the details).

So to honor all the Gods & Goddesses, we’ve rounded up some great books & fun activities so you too can introduce your kids to the stories and secrets of Ancient Greece!

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Welcome to our first post in the Poppins Book Club! 

This online book club is for kids from preschool to highschool – kids who love to do more than just read a book!

Each month, a new theme will be introduced and we encourage you to choose your own book (or two) to read.  Parents and teachers will find lots of fun activities each month based on the theme – this month’s theme is Knights, Princesses & Castles.  If you’re a blogger, connect your books to an activity or craft and share it during our link-up each month.

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