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Learning about Greek Mythology

We are joining our book loving friends today as the Poppins Book Nook heads to Ancient Greece!

There’s something so intriguing about traveling into the past.  We’ve loved exploring the some of the ancient cultures and customs of past societies but especially Ancient Greece.  My daughter is a huge fan of Percy Jackson and knows all the myths by heart (I am schooled weekly on some of the details).

So to honor all the Gods & Goddesses, we’ve rounded up some great books & fun activities so you too can introduce your kids to the stories and secrets of Ancient Greece!



Learning about Greek Mythology

I wish I could list all the of the wonderful books we’ve enjoyed on this topic, but my daughter has read so many I can’t imagine typing them all out!  I have shared a few in our other posts and will highlight some favorite that we refer back to for various activities:




D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths — this has been borrowed from the library on more than one occasion.  It has beautiful illustrations and many myths.

Treasury of Greek Mythology: Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monsters – a great addition to Greek myths in that this book shares about some of the heros and monsters. 

Magic Tree House: Ancient Greece and the Olympics: A Nonfiction Companion – we are big fans of Jack & Annie so any book that shares the adventures of the Magic Tree House is always on our reading list!

Mythology The Gods, Heroes, and Monsters of Ancient Greece – this book oozes the feel of Ancient Greece!  You’ll love the parchment-type pages, photos and maps shared throughout.


Hands-on Activities for Ancient Greece

One of the fun ways to introduce Ancient Greece to kids is through the many myths.  In a previous post, we shared a few of my daughter’s favorite Greeky mythology books along with a great activity for learning about Greek architecture

We also enjoyed creating a mini Greek playscape using a few shoeboxes and some great Greek figurines from Safari Ltd.  This is a wonderful way for the kids to re-enact the myths they are reading and play out some of the stories.

If you have a fan of Percy Jackson in the house, you may enjoy this Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief birthday party which includes some fun activities such as making your own Greek shield and learning a little about the Greek language & symbols.  We use some of these activities during our summer learning (we always create our own themed summer camps for fun themes like these).


Be sure to hop around and visit more fun posts on Greek Mythology from our co-hosts:




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