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New Ideas to Inspire You This Fall

 I love Autumn!  It’s my favorite season – cool days, beautiful colors, fun things to do with the kids and a great time to enjoy nature!

To share a love for the season, we’ll be introducing some new features this fall for you to share with the kids!


New Series:  Modern Vintage

Many of us were raised playing outside,spending time with grandparents,  and enjoying few structured activities.  As parents, we are now raising kids in a tech-driven, long-distance, activities-focused world. 

The series ‘Modern Vintage‘ will re-introduce some of the endearing ideas and activities that we were raised with (such as family dinners and outdoor play) using creative twists to help you to adapt them to our modern lives.



Virtual Book Club

I’m thrilled to be joining a group of kid bloggers to host an online book club for our readers!  Each month, we will announce a new author along with some of the books that they’ve written for kids. 

We invite you to read along with us!  We’ll be highlighting crafts, activities and fun ideas to go with the books. 

Stay tuned to find out which amazing authors will be highlighted this year — it’s  a wonderful way to introduce great kids literature to your child or in your classroom!



Theme Weeks

There is so much to do in the fall – learn about leaves, explore pumpkins, discover new places to visit! 

Each week, we’ll introduce a ‘fall theme’, complete with books, activities and fun ideas that you can do at home.  Themes will focus on fun and learning — we’ll mix in some science and history, too!


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