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Top Toys for Curious Kids

 Are you looking for gift ideas for a curious kid? 

You know, a child who loves to ask ‘why’, takes things apart to see how they work and is always wondering about something?

I LOVE curious kids! 

And shopping for them can be lots of fun because there are a number of great gift ideas that they’ll enjoy.



Kids who are curious love gifts that challenge their mind and allow them to experiment, explore and learn. 

Here are a few ideas that you may want to add to your list along with affiliate links that provide more information about each item.  


Explore the World

As kids get older, they begin to become more intrigued with the world.  What is life like in other countries?  Why do some animals only live in certain places?  Do all kids go to a school like mine?  Introducing them to different cultures and countries is a wonderful gift!


 Little Passports: A Global Adventure

Little Passports

This is a great option for kids who want to learn about the world!  Sam & Sophia are the two ‘Little Passport’ travelers who introduce kids to a different country each month.  Each month, kids will get a kit that includes letters, souveniers, stickers, activity sheets and photos about a specific county. 

Kits are geared for kids ages 5 – 10.  Subscriptions can be orderd for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year.  Your first kit will include a cute ‘suitcase’ holder where kids can keep all the items they receive each month.

You can order the Around the World kits or the USA edition which introduces kids to the 50 states. 


Maps & Puzzles

Puzzles are another great gift option and this Melissa & Doug Children of the World 48-Piece Floor Puzzle is both fun & educational.  The puzzle is very sturdy and shows flags, country names and kids dressed in native clothes.  And we’ve always loved floor puzzle because of their large pieces — the kids put them together and have these big pictures to look at and explore.


I’ve written on why every home needs a map and this is a great option for younger kids!  This vinyl-covered Learning Resources World Treasure Hunt Map can be layed out on the floor for kids to explore!  You can write and wipe the map clean to use over and over.  And it comes with flag markers and clue cards so you can have your own ‘treasure hunt’!  Great for kids ages 3 – 7.


Books & Magazines

I love magazine subscriptions as a holiday gift – the kids not only get something to open (grab the first issue at a newsstand or order early), but then they get mail every month (and we all know that kids love getting mail!)  


 Kids Discover


Both of my kids devour Kids Discover Magazine when they get an issue!  I love that each issue is focused on a specific topic — Rainforests, Electricity, Ancient Greece and Knights & Castles are just a few of the great subjects that are covered in depth.

Each issue contains great articles, puzzles, infographics and amazing facts about the topic.  The magazine covers all types of science, culture and history themes that inform and inspire kids ages 6 – 12. 



Another wonderful magazine, focused on kids ages 3 – 7, is Click their tagline is opening windows for young minds!

This is a great starter magazine for young children with beautiful pictures and great articles covering science, nature and environmental issues.  Another one that was enjoyed by the kids!


Cat in the Hat Learning Library

One of my favorite sets of books for kids!  The Cat in the Hat has a non-fiction learning series that covers topics in science, nature, animals and everyday life.  There are more than 20 books in the series so I’m sure you’ll be able to find many topics of interest for your kids.  And kids love them because they identify with a familiar character. 

The books are appealing for kids ages 4 – 10 (my 9 year old daughter still refers to her books when they study new things in school).  Really, I can’t say enough good things about these books — other than the fact that there’s also a PBS series that follows some of the books, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That with online games and activities too!


Science Exploration

You can never have too much science — it’s how you answer all the why? how? and what? questions the kids ask as they explore the world around them.


Science Kits

Kids love to mix things to see what happens so science kits are always a big hit!  There are so many types of kits so think about what your kids enjoy.  

Do you have a kid who loves Harry Potter?


Maybe the Explorer Magic Science for Wizards would be a cool gift!


Or you might have a child who loves all kinds of science –


the Be Amazing Toys Big Bag Of Science has more than 70 activities for young scientists!


Preschoolers will love the ‘My First’ kits   


with themes like My First Science Kit and My First Dino Kit, your child will quickly feel like a real scientist and learn some great scientific ideas.


Animal Interactions

 Let’s face it — kids LOVE animals!  From a very young age, you can see them watching backyard animals, they enjoy visiting the zoo and frequently notice insects and other wildlife. 

No, I’m not going to suggest a puppy for the holidays :-), but how about some tools for observing animals:


A Insect Lore Butterfly Garden comes with a mail-in voucher for 5 butterfly larvae, along with a habitat to raise them.  Kids cann see the butterfly metamorphasis up close and then release their new friends into the world. 


This Nature Series: Science on a Nature Walk kit encourages fun observations and science activities that can be done in your backyard or at a local park.  You can do your own field experiments, use the tracking book to take notes, and make a bug house.  The kit also includes some cool instruments:  a compass, butterfly net, binoculars, magnifying glass, whistle and a waist pouch to hold them all!  Great for junior naturalists ages 4 – 10!


Build & Design

If you have a child who loves to put things together, build and design — there are a number of great gift ideas to encourage them!

Snap Circuit Electronics Sets

Another toy that has gotten a TON of use in our house is the  Snap Circuits Physics Kits (we have the Snap Circuit Pro Sc-500).  The kits include very sturdy pieces that ‘snap’ together to create different electric circuits. 

And there’s multiple ways to put the pieces together to create a variety of circuits (our kit includes 500 different projects – all in a nicely detailed booklet that kids can use on their own).  

Kids who are interested in the environment will really enjoy the Snap Circuits Alternative Energy Kit which highlights options for Alternative Energy!


A less expensive option is the Snap Circuits Flying Saucer, which is smaller but allows kids to build a circuit that launches whirlybirds into the air.


And if your kids love music and lights, try the newest Snap Circuit Kit — LIGHT!  Lots of options for connecting to your mp3 player to make the lights ‘dance’ to the music. 

The kits are ideal for ages 8 – 15 year olds, and these are toys that you will have for a long time!


 Contraptions Building Sets


The future architect or designer in your family, they will love these versitile kits!  The Contraptions Sets are open-ended toys that use wood planks and designs to help kids create ingenious structures!  They’re great for kids ages 7 and up, and require no glue or fasteners — just imagination and careful placement.  There’s also an idea book included, but I’m sure the kids will have enough of their own ideas 🙂

Looking for more STEM ideas? 

The STEM Toys & Game Store showcases all the latest & greatest in learning toys for kids so be sure to check out the selection!




We’ve got SO MANY GREAT ideas for your holiday shopping lists! 

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