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Our Summer Bucket List


Well, today’s the day!  It’s the last day of school for the kids here. 

As I put the finishing touches on this post, my oldest is completing his final exams and my youngest is enjoying the school talent show. 

They will both come home with light backpacks, a smile on their faces and to our familiar family tradition of yelling “We’re on VA-CA-TION!” as they enter the door!


And as promised, I am sharing our Summer Adventure List with you!  I hope you have been working on yours (I know many schools are still in session until June so keep brainstorming about all those fun activities you’d like to do this year).

I’m also connecting up with Jenny of the Happy Family Movement who hosts an AWESOME yearly Summer Bucket List event on her blog!  Head on over, join the challenge and see what other families have on their bucket lists this year.

In my earlier post, I shared some details about how to make a creative bucket list — we opted for one that resembles the periodic table. Whether it’s a list on the fridge, one on a chalkbaord or something a little unique, having someplace to store all the activities you’d like to do this summer is a great tool for making some memories.

You can also check out my Summer Bucket List board on Pinterest for 50+ fun ways to create a list and great ideas to consider for some summer fun.


Our Summer Bucket List

So here’s what we’ll be up to this summer — I’ve sorted them by the categories we use when we brainstorm ideas:

New Adventures

Visit a Cave

See Mount Rushmore

Hike in a new National Park

Ride an Alpine Slide

Go to SeaLife Aquarium

Try Archery

Visit someplace new in town & explore a new playground

See Monsters U. and Percy Jackson at the movies

Go Canoeing or Kayaking

Complete a Fun Run


Fun Favorites

Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Weekly Bike Ride on the trails

Play the License Plate game

Sleep in!

Find 3 geocaches

Attend an outdoor theater show

Create some cool art projects

Reading time in the hammock

Visit the Natural History Museum

Make s’mores

Go to the summer movies

Spend a day at the zoo

Go horseback riding

Swim at a fun pool

Go to the library book sale

Attend some cool kids workshops

Visit Burr Oak Woods Nature Center

Feed the Bison

Stay up late and watch fireflies

Visit Deanna Rose Farmstead

Create Chalk Art

Have a Lemonade Stand

Make some fun desserts

Visit the art museum

Do some vintage crafts

Have breakfast outside

Go berry picking

Camp-out one night




Fun Things to Learn

Participate in the Virtual Science Fair project (open to everyone so join us!)

Become a Junior Ranger at a new park

Learn to type with 2 hands

Complete a Science Project

Get a Driver’s License (my teen)

Learn to do a handstand

Get to the next swim level and learn to dive

Have an ancient Greek camp at home

Do a coding project

Read 200 books for summer reading program




Summer Book List 

This is an ever-evolving list as we are big readers, but here’s a peek at what we’ll be reading (and re-reading) this summer.  Each of the book covers is a clickable affilate link so that you can read more about it to see if it fits your summer reading list too —






So what great activities do you have planned this year?  Any books on your ‘must read list?  I’d love to hear about your summer bucket list!