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6 Wonderful Weather Apps for Kids


Tell me if this sound familiar to you —

Me:  You’re not wearing that to school?!

Kid:  Mom, you said it was going to get warm.

Me (as I pull a jacket from the closet):  Yes, GOING to get – it’s still 40 right now.

Kid:  But it’s my favorite ______ (tank top, flip flops, shorts, skirt – why is it never anything warm?)

Me:  Honey, just put on a sweatshirt or jacket so you don’t freeze at morning recess, PLEASE!

Yea – it’s a weekly conversation in our house especially once Spring hits.  One day it’s 73 and then next day there’s snow again.




Fun Ways to Learn with Weather Apps

The weather is a tricky thing for kids to master – well, not the weather exactly as much as the CHANGES in the weather.

My daughter’s newest fascination is the weather in Greece — she’s all into greek mythology and the gods right now.  She’s set an app on her iPod to tell her what the weather is here and what it’s like in Greece (not that we plan to go anytime soon but she must be wondering how the children of the gods dress for school).

Our Discover and Explore topic this week is (you guessed it) Weather Activities. 

The weather impacts our lives every day and it’s important for kids to learn all about Mother Nature, how to dress and what to do in case of a storm or bad weather.  It’s also a great way to introduce them to some fun science!

There are some really cool weather apps for kids that encourage them to become a junior meteorologist – in fact, they may have a better shot at predicting the weather than some of the professionals with these 😉

I’ve included links to each of the app’s websites so you can read the user reviews too (I always find those helpful).


For Younger Kids


Kid Weather

One of our favorites because of it’s kid-friendly graphics and detailed information, Kid Weather is a true weather app!  It was designed by a 6-year-old and his dad who is a meteorologist).  Kids will learn about daily weather conditions, the science of weather and fun facts.  iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android


Stella & Sam

Kids can learn about fun things to do for various weather with these book-inspired game apps.  Follow along with Stella & Sam as they explore activities for a Rainy Day, head out to play in the snow and more!  Young children will see how the characters dress and interact with the weather. iPhone, iPad, iPod


Season & Weather

A great app that’s currently free, Seasons is for kids ages 3 – 6 years.  It offers games for kids to play so they can learn about what to wear and appropriate activities for different weather days.  It’s a great basic weather science app that adjusts to your child’s knowledge of the weather.  iPhone, iPad


For Older Kids


Kids Discover Extreme Weather

An amazing educational app for ages 7 – 12, Extreme Weather shares tons of information about tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, climate change and big weather conditions.  It includes great videos, 3D models, games, and interactive activities.  iPad



Love this app because it’s got a sense of humor!  It’s a fun app for teens & families with current weather, suggestions on what to wear, an actual temp and a ‘feels like’ temp and some cool extras.  They also have a fun Swackett Jr. app for kids ages 9 – 11 years.  iPhone, iPad, Android



Also for the older crowd, this stunningly beautiful app includes some gorgeous artwork with each forecast.  Different themes are displayed for night and day which include some famous places from around the world.  The illustrations might actually inspire your teenager to CHECK the weather before walking out the door.  iPhone, iPad, Android

Weather Activities for Kids

What great weather activities do you have to share this week?  Be sure to link them below and visit some others to find great projects to do with the kids!


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