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Ice & Water Activities for Hot Summer Days

We know it’s coming — the heat of summer is creeping in and soon we will all be seeking out the comforts of shade and air-conditioning.  For the kids, they would much rather run under a sprinkler or enjoy some ‘cool’ water play! 

This week’s feature posts from the Discover & Explore Summer Fun linky won’t disappoint!  There are TONS of great ideas for keeping cool on those hot summer days!



Water Play

Kids Love Water Play

Swamp Water Messy Play — Play Learn Love

Preschool Water Scientists — Gummy Lump

Water Balloon Fun — There’s Magic Out There

Fairy Soup — Happy Hooligans

Relaxing Water Bin — Sugar Aunts

Train Track Sprinkler Play — Play Trains

Water Table Fun — My Nearest & Dearest

Water Obstacle Course — Gummy Lump


Icy Cold Fun

Dino Dig with Ice & Salt

Dino Dig with Melting Ice — Happy Hooligans

Color Ice Play — Powerful Mothering

Icy Fizzing Letters — Fun-a-Day

Letter Ice Muffins — Sugar Aunts

Colored Ice Eggs — Sunny Day Today Mama

Ice Painting — Life with Moore Babies


Cool Treats

Cool Summer Treats

Ice Cream in a Bag — Life with Moore Babies

Watermelon Popsicles — Coffee Cups and Crayons

Natural Ice Cream in a Bag — Living Montessori Now


Stop by tomorrow as we Discover & Explore Fun at the Beach!