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I’ve found some really amazing nature printables this year for our nature study activities!  Really super awesome stuff! 

But you know how it is — you take a piece of paper outside for a scavenger hunt or garden activity and before you know it, it’s blowing around the yard with the kids chasing after it. 

Or the pencil you have goes missing. 

Or you don’t have enough time to finish the activity and then can’t find the darn sheet the next day.

Or you DO finish the activity but aren’t sure where to store them all so the kids can see what they’ve accomplished.

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Enjoy these fun things to do after school including a free printable set of 20 Questions to ask your kids! Once our kids started school, I quickly realized that time together during the week was going to be VERY limited. They don’t get home until 3:30 pm here — and of course there are days …

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Inspire an interest in culture & geography with this fun musical game for kids! I’m always looking for fun ways to integrate a little geography into our lives — especially hands-on activities that allow us to use maps ! So when our friends from The Educator’s Spin on It sent over a copy their new …

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Kids will love these pretend play printables – police, doctor, detective, scientist, architect, zookeeper and more! Do you have kids who LOVE to pretend? One day, they’re a zoo keeper and the next day, playing school with friends — pretend play is a HUGE learning opportunity for kids! It encourages them to role-play, expand their …

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There’s something nostalgic about back to school time. I think it’s because we all remember getting ready for a new school year — …. saving those new shoes for the very first day so they’d be all shiny (at least until recess) …. getting excited to learn who would be in your class and who …

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