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Try this easy 5 senses science experiment with kids – a quick and easy activity to do in the kitchen! One of our favorite science activities has been this Science of Sound Waves Experiment – it was an AWESOME way to explore how our hearing works!  But I really wanted to do ONE science activity …

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Elementary & middle school kids will LOVE exploring these math activities & physical change experiment using popcorn! Last year, I shared a list of 100 Ways to Count to 100 and in the post, I mentioned using popcorn as one of the items. Well, mention popcorn + math + science and guess what?  You get …

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We have a running conversation in our house about why the kids will come back to visit us once they’re grown — they tell me it’s for my lasagna and pizzelle cookies 😉

In fact, the whole family was all smiles this week when I told them I was making some pizzelles for our Discover & Explore Cooking with Kids linky this week!  Really, they LOVE these cookies.

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Let’s talk Gingerbread Houses today! Tis the season for family-friendly activities and building a gingerbread house is a time-honored tradition for so many families. Not to mention, it’s a SUPER fun lesson in engineering principles for kids!  Testing out how to balance the walls, construct a roof and put together a fun little structure is …

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Do you ever remember playing in the kitchen while your mom or grandmother were baking?  The wonderful smells and the fun conversations not to mention the amazing treats that came out of the oven! 

I know that technology and modern conveniences are great things but sometimes I really want to kids to experience life without all the bells and whistles.  So I thought I would ‘re-create’ a day in Grandma’s Kitchen as part of our Discover & Explore December Activities linky. 

This is the first post in our Vintage Play for Kids series where we’ll introduce some great throw-back ideas that are new to our kids!

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Have you ever had a kid who asked “Can I help?” when you were preparing a meal?  There’s all kinds of ways that kids can get involved in the kitchen!

Cooking is a great life skill and everyone should know some of the basics behind preparing a well-balanced meal.  Young children can learn how to choose nutritious foods, prepare snacks, and mix & measure ingredients.  Older kids will enjoy mastering the skills of whisking, creating fun desserts and learning to crack an egg (warning: buy more than you think you’ll need).

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