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9 Fun Ideas for Cooking with Kids

There are so many benefits to getting kids more involved in the kitchen — kids are more likely to try new foods, more likely to eat a wider variety of foods and less likely to complain about what’s being made for dinner 🙂

But what to cook?


Great Ideas for Cooking with Kids

Kid-friendly Cooking Activities

Some of our creative friends shared a number of kid-friendly recipes that can be made almost entirely by the munchkins!  Well, ok, there should be a little supervision from Mom or Dad (especially if there’s any stove top involved) but turn over the cooking reins to the kids and see how they do!


Fruitful Turkey — JDaniel4’s Mom

No Bake Chocolate Oat Balls — Powerful Mothering

Applesauce — Finding Teachable Moments

Homemade Butter — Life with Moore Babies

Soft Pretzel Letters & Numbers — What do We do All Day?

Banana Lollipops — Adventures in Wunderland

Create Food Art — Living Montessori Now

Applesauce Spiced Muffins — Kitchen Floor Crafts

Food Trays from Around the World — A Day in the Life of a Preschool Teacher


If you’re looking for more fun & easy recipes, visit our list of Great Cookbooks for Kids to find some wonderful books that teach cooking skills.


More Life Skills Ideas from the Discover and Explore Co-hosts

Life Skills Activities for Kids

Holiday Volunteer Activities for Families (KC Edventures)

Encouraging Toddler Independence at Snack Time (Buggy and Buddy)

Encouraging Independence and Creativity with a Creation Station (Fantastic Fun and Learning)

Promoting Life Skills in the Preschool Classroom (Teach Preschool)

Playing with Language (Twodaloo)



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