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7 Life Skills to Teach the Kids for the Holidays

Wouldn’t it be great if the kids were able to do more for themselves during the holidays?! 

I know, most parents think it would be great if the kids could do more for themselves all the time but I think it’s extra nice if it happens during the busiest time of the year. 

So we rounded up a few ideas about how to help the kids be more independent from some wonderful activities shared at the Discover & Explore Life Skills linky last week.




7 Ways Kids Can Be More Independent During the Holidays


If your house is like mine, mornings are always crazy so I love the idea at Homegrown Friends of having a morning chart that the kids can follow on their own.  This activity would help everyone get out the door on time. 

Little Bins for Little Hands encourages us to ask for some help in the kitchen.  Teach the kids how to assist with meal time prep and you’ll soon have a mini sous chef 🙂

Powerful Mothering has some great tips for how to get the kids to clean up after play — a perfect life skill to learn with all those gifts they’ll be getting!

Since parents are busier with baking, wrapping and decorating, don’t be afraid to give the kids some extra ways to help during the holidays.  Bambini Travel suggests one great idea — teach kids to water household plants or even the Christmas tree! 

And of course, we all spend a lot of time visiting others or attending special events at this time of the year.  So it’s a wonderful opportunity to introduce the kids to some extra special manners. 

What do We do all Day has some great tips about teaching kids how NOT to slam a door (my grandparents would love this idea!)

Living Montessori Now shares six steps for teaching kids about manners.

How Wee Learn gives us some great examples of hands-on ways to show kids how to be polite (I love the idea of clearning your own plate!)  And we have a few fun printables with details about how kids can be a gracious guest or a helpful host.



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