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I’ve found some really amazing nature printables this year for our nature study activities!  Really super awesome stuff! 

But you know how it is — you take a piece of paper outside for a scavenger hunt or garden activity and before you know it, it’s blowing around the yard with the kids chasing after it. 

Or the pencil you have goes missing. 

Or you don’t have enough time to finish the activity and then can’t find the darn sheet the next day.

Or you DO finish the activity but aren’t sure where to store them all so the kids can see what they’ve accomplished.

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“The Lorax” will be hitting theaters on March 2nd, and what a great way to introduce kids to the topic of ecology!  Take this opportunity to share one of the many messages from Dr. Suess’ story about “The Lorax”:  the long-term consequences of a decision, why we should protect nature, and how one person can help to change the world.

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Welcome to Discover & Explore – a weekly themed linky where we love to share fun kids activities and awesome ways for families to connect and learn!  The linky is hosted by Edventures with Kids and Fantastic Fun & Learning.

This week’s Discover & Explore linky will highlight Earth Day Activities for kids and families.  

Even though we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd this year, it’s really an everyday activity.  There are so many easy ways to introduce kids to environmental ideas and adopt eco-friendly behaviors at home, at school and in your community.

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Some of the newest lessons for this generation include learning about the environment, ecology and how our behaviors impact the world around us. 

Earth Day is a yearly celebration that reminds us to revisit how we treat the Earth.  These are important lessons for our children to learn as many of our resources are finite. 

Helping to preserve the water, open lands and wildlife will mean that our grandkids and great-grandkids will still have the opportunity to roll down a hill, swim in the ocean and breathe fresh air!

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