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Earth Day Activities for Kids

Even though we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd this year, it’s really an everyday activity. 

There are so many easy ways to introduce kids to environmental ideas and adopt eco-friendly behaviors at home, at school and in your community.



Earth Day Activities for Kids & Families

Try one of these everyday ideas & share Earth Day with your kids. 

Discuss why it’s important to adopt behaviors such as recycling, reducing waste, keeping our waterways clean.  We’re including affiliate links for some of the items on our list so you’re able to easily learn more about how they can inspire kids to be earth-friendly!



Read a Book

One of the easiest ways to introduce new concepts to kids is through books. 

There are so many wonderful books to share — read books about nature & the outdoors, ecology , recycling & Earth Day topics.  Many books will encourage kids to think about how they can help to reuse items, recycle and conserve natural resources.


Start One New Thing

There is so much information available about how to recycle, conserve water, reduce your use of fossil fuels, etc. that can sometimes be overwhelming. 

My advice — just pick one new thing!

For example, a few years ago we installed a rain barrel near our garden (best move EVER!)  Not only are we collecting rainwater to use in the garden, we also don’t have to pull out the hose when the kids want to water (which has saved us a TON of water not to mention no hose lying around the yard when the kids want to play 🙂

Start small and you’re making a contribution. 

Maybe it’s having the kids turn the lights off when they leave a room. 

Or try teaching kids how to conserve water

Check our Going Green guides for preschoolers through teens to learn about ways kids can help reduce, reuse and recycle.

Small steps can have a big impact!



Watch a Great Movie

There are some excellent family movies with environmental themes that make a great impression on kids!

Spend an evening watching a great movie together and then talk about what you learned.  One of the best messages that can be gleaned from many of these flims is that our individual behavior has an impact on animals. 


Learn Something New

Use Earth Day as an opportunity to learn about a new eco-friendly product or behavior. 

Is there a new way to recycle in your town? 

Do you know how a bottle gets recycled

Can your family use less disposable items when packing lunch? Try one of these reusable sandwich storage options!

Do you know your carbon footprint

Knowledge is power – use it!


Spend More Time Outside

One of the best ways to connect with our environment is to spend more time outdoors. 

When kids play outside, take hikes, go on nature hunts and enjoy looking for cloud shapes, they begin to appreciate the beauty of nature and will be willing to help preserve it as they grow up. 

Try one of these 8 easy ways to spend more time outdoors.

Or considering some family gardening — here are 30 Gardening Activities Kids will LOVE!


How do you celebrate Earth Day?



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