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Olympic Themed Activities that get Kids Moving

 Watching the Olympics can be a great family activity!  Kids will rarely see sports such as ski jumping, luge and biathalon unless it’s during the Winter Games.

The athletes make it look so easy as they compete — they’ve had a lot of practice in perfecting their sport.  But it’s hard to decribe to the kids how much skill goes into become such a great athlete. 

One of the best ways for them to understand the skill and dedication needed is to introduce kids to some hands-on activities where they can practice and learn about Olympic events.

And there were some wonderful ideas for Olympic-themed activities that get kids up and moving shared during last week’s Discover & Explore linky!




Olympic Themed Activities that Get Kids Moving

Get the kids off the couch and acting like Olympians with these fun ways to move:

Print off these great “Move like an Ice Skater” cards from Creative Family Fun and kids can learn about the various techniques that many figure skaters perform in their routines.

Get the kids outside and try some of these wonderful Olympic inspired backyard games from Rain or Shine Mamma like snowball shooting, a snow run and sled races!

Try some of these physical challenges from The Educator’s Spin on It which can be done either inside or outdoors — Bean Bag Challenge, Obstacle Course Challenge or Animal Challenge.

Another great indoor activity is the Olympic Snowball Toss shared by And Next Comes L.

Dabblingmomma shows us how to create your own mini ice rink and have the kids compete in a game of table-top hockey.

And now that everyone’s good and hungry after all that exercise, create a great Olympic-themed snack!  JDaniel4’s Mom has a super healthy suggestion with this fruit-filled Olympic Ring snack.


How do you enjoy the Olympics with your family?



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