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7 Colorful and Creative Fine Motor Activities


Do you remember when your kids were really young and they would pick up Cheerios to eat?  In addition to the amazing ability of learning to feed themselves, they were also developing their pincer grasp and fine motor skills.

The ability to hold, grab and control things with their fingers is such an important thing for babies, toddlers and kids of all ages to practice.  Even older kids need to hone those skills in order to develop their ability to print and write. 



Fine Motor Crafts & Activities for Kids

Try to let kids build their skills through daily activities and fun crafts — using tongs, picking up items on their own and squeezing glue bottles are all ways that they will strengthen their grasp and build their muscles.  It takes a lot of practice and patience so as parents, we need to remember to not always jump in and do things for them.  Many times, the learning is not about the activity but more about the process.


Today we have some fun and colorful crafts & activities that kids can enjoy while building their fine motor skills.

Create some adorable mama and baby birds using clothes pins and pom-poms like the ones at Powerful Mothering — this is a great activity for a book like “Are You My Mother” by Dr. Seuss.

Decorate a basket and then use tongs to fill it with plastic eggs in this seasonal Easter activity from Craftulate.

Living Montessori Now shows us how to invite kids to sort tiny eggs or jellybeans onto color strips or paint strips.

Spell your name using glue and sequins from Fun-a-Day or use spray bottles to create a rainbow watercolor name picture like this one from Life Lesson Plans.

School Time Snippets shared their rainbow yarn craft which will brighten any window!

And Fun-a-Day shares a fun way to create some beautiful flowers by threading beads & buttons onto pipe cleaners — what a great bouquet for Mother’s Day!