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8 Gorgeous Handmade Instruments Made From Recycled Items

You don’t need a lot of fancy instruments to create beautiful music. 

In fact, kids can make so many types of instruments on their own AND using items you would either recycle or throw away.

We had some absolutely gorgeous and wonderfully creative ideas shared at this week’s Discover & Explore Music linky.  So grab that recycle bin and get started!


Musical Instruments made from Recycled Materials

Each of these instruments can be made using items you have around the house

And Next Comes L cleverly used old pieces of wood to construct the beautiful rainbow xylophone — it’s a really big one (kind of reminds me of the piano from the movie ‘Big’) and great to use outside.

Life with Moore Babies shared some wonderful Do-Re-Mi bottles that anyone can make using empty plastic bottles!  Not only colorful but they also ‘tune’ to each of the note in a scale.

Pink Stripey Socks created a gorgeous guitar made from cardboard!  She offers a great tutorial along with details on how to make a hand drum too!

The Educator’s Spin on It shows us how to create our own shaker bins from cardboard food bins that are perfect for toddlers and young kids.

The creative painted stick instruments were made by Twodaloo – I love all the colors!

Gummy Lump shares some simple recycled drum crafts using plastic plant pots and food canisters.

Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails has a wonderful tutorial for creating your own rain stick.  Just a cardboard wrapping tube, nails and some uncooked pasta – brilliant!

And Buggy & Buddy shows us how to make these fun homemade kazoos using cardboard and wax paper – always a favorite for kids!


Thanks to everyone who shared their awesome musical activities and instruments!



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