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Fall Art Project for Kids: Textured Pumpkin Patch

Create this Pumpkin Patch craft using a textured art technique with items from around the house!

We had a great time with our September activitiy for the Online Kids Book Club.  The author of the month is Lois Ehlert and (after reading quite a few options :), we decided to read the story “Boo To You”.  

The first thing we noticed (and LOVED) about this book was the depth and texture in the illustrations.  The author uses a variety of items to create the pictures including different types of paper, items from nature and photos of harvest items.

This inspired us to think about how we could create a seasonal piece of textured art!



Create a Multi-Textured Pumpkin Patch Collage

 Boo to You! is the story is a cute little rhyming tale about two mice who are having a harvest party — but there’s an uninvited guest (the cat) that they want to scare away! 


The story is perfect for younger kids (ages 3 – 7 years) but the idea of using recycled and natural items for a collage is perfect for any age!

First, we collected a number of materials from around the house and yard.  You can also find items like these online or at a local craft store.  We’ve included affiliate links for some of the items in our supply list:



We decided to create a picture of a pumpkin patch at night.  We used material from an old orange t-shirt to make some pumpkins.  Then we cut strips of green felt to use as vines.  You can see my daughter also painted in a pumpkin — this is what creates the various textures — not using the same items across the whole project.

Then pieces of wood bark from our flower garden were added as stems.



The ‘spooky’ tree is one of my favorites!  We used an old baby sock for the tree trunk and then glued natural items on our ‘tree’. 



Our jack-o-lantern faces were made from cloth & have button eyes.  Kids will really enjoy using a variety of items and textures to create a beautiful picture.

My daughter had the wonderful idea of using denim material for the night sky and added in a moon made from bright yellow felt.  Love it!

Another option (if you have pumpkins in season) is to decorate a pumpkin with natural items like the two mice in the story!

Textured art is very easy to create.  You might remember those Fashion Plates kids we had as kids where you could put different plastic plates under a paper doll and rub to see the type of material or texture. 

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 Happy Fall! 

~ Jacquie