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15 Fall-themed Texture Art Projects

We love to create art with textures! 

Paints and crayons are always more fun when you jazz them up with something cool like pinecones, felt or even food items.

Textured art offers kids the opportunity to not only create a masterpiece but to involve their senses in the art process.

One of my favorite things about textured art projects is searching for materials to use! 

We will typically head outside to find some natural items that can be incorporated in our project  Or look through your recycle bin for a variety of items (think cardboard, plastic, different types of paper, etc) that will work well. 

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box — you can use watercolors or other paints to add a pop of color to items you find and want to use.  And a sturdy type of craft glue is also a bonus with projects like these.


Fall themed Textured Art for Kids

15 Fall Art Projects with Texture

Since Fall is such a colorful time of the year, I rounded up some gorgeous texture art projects for the season.  Some include items you can find in your own backyard and others utilize unique materials that offer kids the opportunity to touch and smell as they create. 

Here’s a materials list to get your started along with some affilate links for items we use in our projects:

One thing to consider when creating textured art is how to overlap or blend the materials together.  This will help to create a 3-D appearance for your picture.  It’s a nice type of ‘deep’ or layered look to your art and is very eye-catching!

And be sure to give kids time to explore the different items you plan to use.  Let them touch and smell things as they think about how they’d like to use them in the project. 


Fall Puzzle Tree | I Heart Crafty Things

Yarn Weave Fall Tree | Cassie Setphens

Pumpkin Patch Collage | Edventures with Kids

Textured Owl Craft | How Wee Learn

Fall Popcorn Tree | Happy Hooligans

Bean Leaf Mosaic | Artchoo!

Cardboard Apple Trees | Housing a Forest

Upcycled Owl Art | that artist woman

Fall Yarn Trees | 3 Dinosaurs

Hot Cocoa Art | The Colorful Art Palette

Pumpkin Seed Pumpkin | All Kids Networks

Bead & Pipe Cleaner Tree | Reading Confetti

Acorn Craft | Loving My Nest

Candy Wrapper Turkeys | Housing a Forest

Leaf Feather Turkey | Baby Center

What’s your favorite item to use in textured art?



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