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Planning a YES Day with the Kids

This content is sponsored by Kohl’s as a part of their #DestinationSummer campaign.  Although this is a sponsored post, all opinions (and crazy comments) are always my own.


This week, I’m excited to be working with Kohl’s and some truly amazing bloggers on the #DestinationSummer project

In addition to their Pinterest Virtual Road Trip, Kohl’s also has a great in store campaign taking place this summer called “FindYourYes”. 

The idea is to find what matters to you. 

For us parents, a huge ‘Yes’ is our kids.

But while I was watching the #FindYourYes video and thinking about my kids, I began to wonder – what’s their “Yes”; what are the things that matter to my kids?


Since I’ve been sharing tips for great day trips with kids, I thought I would take it one step further and let my daughter plan our next day trip as a “YES” Day – one day where she could decide what we do and what we don’t do. 

I’ll admit that it’s a little scary for a “control freak” like me to hand over the reigns and let my daughter decide what we do FOR THE WHOLE DAY – but since I’ve been doing that for her whole life, I thought I could give her one day to set the agenda.

I think about this often with my youngest because I’ve been very conscious that she has had the least control over her schedule. 

Being the youngest means you are usually going where your older siblings go or where Mom and Dad are going.  It’s hard for them to have their own voice sometimes.

So a “YES” Day it is!


Planning a YES Day with the Kids

We had to discuss a few ‘stipulations’ —

  • Like the fact that we can’t do Disney World for a YES day – whatever is chosen has to be close to home.
  • The activities have to be completed today (as in, before bedtime).
  • I’m  not a Genie – no asking “can we have another YES day” since Mom has to say ‘yes’ to things today.

We put a $10 budget on the day for spending – you can ask for ice cream, a trip to the zoo or a new book but once the $10 is gone, that’s it.


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Getting Mom Prepped for a YES Day

In order to do this right, I needed to make sure I was present for the day and not distracted by work, errands or everyday life.  I wanted to be sure I could say yes to whatever my daughter might think of during the day.

So I cleared my calendar and chose a day when I knew we wouldn’t have any previous engagements.

I also made sure to have a few things on hand so I was prepped & ready:

  • Cute & comfy shoes because I know that I’ll be walking a lot!
  • My Awesome! summer tote since I know I’ll have to say yes to a bunch of questions — “Mom, can you hold my iPod?”, “Can I put my book in your purse?” and “Do you have a piece of gum”  😉
  • Quarters — kids always ask for change when I don’t have it so just in case, I stocked up on quarters.
  • Snacks for the car – since I wasn’t sure where we were going, I wanted to have food!


What Do You Think the Kids Will Ask to Do?

I let her have a few days to think about what she wanted to do for YES day.  She did mention a few things to me but I think some of her decisions were made that day too (you know how kids are so good at living in the moment).

So what did my daughter ask for on her YES day – honestly, I was a little surprised at some of the requests!


What would your kids choose on a YES Day?

Can we go to the library to check out as many books as I want?



Can I skip my chores today? (Man, kids can be brilliant!)



Let the Kids Plan the Day - what would they ask for?

Item shown: Girls So Palm Tree Ribbed Tank

Can we go out for frozen yogurt after lunch?

Of course!


Can I have extra reading time tonight?

Oh yea!


Kids love to create art

Can we please go to Kaleidoscope to make some art?


(This is a local attraction that let’s kids paint with hot colored wax in a glow-in-the-dark room – super awesome!)


Great family activity - swimming!

Item shown: GirlsZeroXposur Tie-Dye 3pc. Tankini

Can we all go swimming tonight?

Sounds like fun!


Can we have pasta for dinner?

Totally yes!


I expected a few of these items but really thought she would want to do a more elaborate things – what she really asked for was more time with us and less of the ‘we have to do this’ items.


Was it hard to do a YES Day?

I’ll admit, early in the day it was a challenge for me.  I think it’s difficult for any of us to hand over a day when we’re always thinking of our ‘to do’ list.  But by mid-morning, I was all in!

It’s important to let the kids take the reigns — push aside all the ‘must do’ items and reconnect to help them #FindYourYes.  Giving kids time to process and enjoy what they love are great life skills!

And they grow up so darn quick! 

My final word on doing a YES Day with your kids is below — my daughter got a new watch this summer and I remembered this quote from a while back which was so fitting:

Be sure to spend time with kids this summer


So take some unscheduled time to enjoy with your kids this summer – you’ll be glad you did!


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